The 10+ Best Lady Danbury Quotes from Bridgerton on Netflix

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The world is currently obsessed with Bridgerton, but besides its beautiful filming locations and gorgeous cast, one part of Bridgerton we’re shamelessly obsessed with is of course, Lady Danbury.

Badass, outspoken, and truly a force to be reckoned with, Lady Danbury is one of the best characters in the show, and naturally, delivers quite a few memorable quotes and lines.

Eager to obsess with us? Well, below we’ve assembled some of our favorite lines from the incomparable Lady Danbury from Bridgerton. Enjoy!

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1. This powerful Lady Danbury mic drop moment

“When I was a girl, some centuries ago, I was afraid even of my own reflection. I entered a room and attempted to dissolve into the shadows.

But there is only so long one in a position such as ours can hide.

I knew I would have to step into the light someday, and I could not very well be frightened. So, instead, I made myself frightening.

I sharpened my wit, my wardrobe, and my eye, and I made myself the most terrifying creature in any room I entered.”Season 1, Episode 2 “Shock and Delight”

2. This very quotable line that we’ll be using all the time

“Simon: It is so wonderful to see you, Lady Danbury.
Lady Danbury: Words I do not hear often enough.” Season 1, Episode 1 “Diamond of the First Water”

3. That time she just shut. Simon. down.

“Simon: Lady Danbury, I must ask you to accept my regrets.
Lady Danbury: Your regrets… are denied.” Season 1, Episode 1 “Diamond of the First Water”


4. This quote from the flashback showing what a badass friend she was

“Duke of Hastings: No place for a lady in there.
Lady Danbury: Someone must be with her. If not her husband, then…” Season 1, Episode 2 “Shock and Delight”

5. This time she spoke her mind about Simon’s wardrobe

“Lady Danbury: Would it pain you to wear some color, Your Grace? The London season is already terribly monotonous as it is. Must your wardrobe do the same?

Simon: I was told this look is all the rage.

Lady Danbury: Certainly not mine. Take my arm, before you make us late.” Season 1, Episode 2 “Shock and Delight”

6. That time she put Simon’s dad in his place

“Might I remind you that this boy is to be the next Duke of Hastings, and that he requires whatever reserves of fatherly nature reside in that frigid heart of yours?” Season 1, Episode 2 “Shock and Delight”

7. This Lady Danbury line that shows her diabolical sense of humor

“Benedict: You diabolical… How could you let me rattle on like that

Lady Danbury: How could I not, my dear Mr. Bridgerton?

Benedict: It was riotously funny, you must admit.” Season 1, Episode 3 “Art of the Swoon”

8. This badass moment when she put Simon in his place

“If you have designs upon the girl and wish to marry her, then Friedrich can disappear, for all I care, and become a delicious dinner party anecdote. But if you are merely dallying with her, and if she loses her chance of such an extraordinary match, simply because she is too wrapped up in your charms… well, then… she would be a fool, and I would never forgive you your carelessness.” Season 1, Episode 3 “Art of the Swoon”

9. This quotable gem that can be applied to many social situations

“I would tell you it’s been lovely spending all this time with you, Your Grace, but I tend to leave such sycophantic behavior for the rest of the ton.” Season 1, Episode 4 “An Affair of Honour”


10. This powerful moment that sheds crucial light on Bridgerton history

“You allowed that young lady to slip through your fingers as if it were nothing.

I understand that you believe such subjects as love and devotion, affection and attachment, you find it all trite and frivolous. But have you any idea those very things are precisely what have allowed a new day to begin to dawn in this society?

Look at our queen. Look at our king. Look at their marriage. Look at everything it is doing for us, allowing us to become.

We were two separate societies, divided by color, until a king fell in love with one of us. Love, Your Grace… conquers all.” Season 1, Episode 4 “An Affair of Honour”

11. This very true quote about secrets

“Dear child, have you lost your wits? Everyone enjoys secrets.” Season 1, Episode 5 “The Duke and I”


12. Lastly, this highly relatable quote about dinner

“Good. Now, where is the dinner I was promised?” Season 1, Episode 5 “The Duke and I”

Did we miss any of your favorite Lady Danbury quotes or lines?

Let us know in the comments!


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