Where Was The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Filmed? A List of Filming Locations!

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After the epic success of WandaVision, it’s safe to say we as Marvel fans are stoked for the next Disney+ Marvel original, which features fan favorites Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson at the forefront of the action.

But where was The Falcon and the Winter Soldier filmed? If you’re curious about finding the filming locations seen in the show, you’re in the right place!

Here are all the Falcon and the Winter Soldier filming locations we’ve been able to find so far, through plenty of sleuthing, research and Google translate.

If you use any of the info below for your own articles, we’d appreciate a link back because we did a lot of digging to find all this!

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SPOILERS NOTE: This Falcon and the Winter Soldier filming guide is now up to date, with info and locations up until Episode 6, so do NOT proceed unless you are fully caught up!


A Brief History of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Filming/Production

Just like WandaVision and Loki, filming for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was impacted by a variety of unforeseen circumstances, including earthquakes and the you-know-what in 2020, all of which led to a postponed release date.

Below, we’ll summarize the filming locations for TFATWS we know of so far.

Like most Marvel productions, a great deal of filming for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier took place in Atlanta.

Some outlets also report filming took place in New York, although we’ve had trouble confirming that via set photos. Some of the show does indeed take place in New York, but with this photo and these being snapped in Atlanta, we think maybe Atlanta was simply used as a stand-in for NYC, and no on-location filming actually took place there.

What we do know for sure though is that filming took place extensively in Prague, Czechia.

And while filming was scheduled in Puerto Rico in January 2020, according to Variety, plans had to be postponed due to earthquakes, and ultimately cancelled.

Filming in Atlanta began in late October 2019, as evidenced by this photo posted by head writer Malcolm Spellman and this clip of Sebastian Stan.

According to the Prague Reporter, filming for TFATWS then moved to Prague in early March 2020, a shoot that was scheduled for three weeks.

According to Deadline however, filming in Prague was shut down on March 10, with much of the crew returning to Atlanta.

Filming would be put on hiatus until Fall 2020, at which point production would resume in Atlanta in September and then Prague in October.

According to Fandíme Filmu, filming in Prague wrapped up near the end of October 2020, with production team members posting goodbye photos and all that good stuff.

As Anthony Mackie explained in this interview with Entertainment Tonight, returning to Czechia to film mid-pandemic was tough, but hey – we for one are very excited to see the results!

Prague. Photo by Dimitry Anikin on Unsplash

The Falcon and Winter Soldier Filming Locations in Czechia

A great deal of filming for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier took place in Czechia, specifically in the capital of Prague, which (according to Fandíme Filmu) was dressed up to depict various locations across Latvia, Switzerland, Poland and Tunisia.

In the first episode alone, we were taken to Tunisia, (almost) Libya, the US, and Switzerland. Well – surprise, as far as we know, filming for the Falcon and the Winter Soldier only took place in two countries – the US and Czechia.

Here are some of the Falcon and Winter Soldier Prague locations we know of so far. 

Courtyard in Malá Strana, Prague AKA Where They Set Up the Tunisia Set

 Address: Malostranské nám. 272, 118 00 Malá Strana, Prague

We already knew that the “Tunisia” tea scenes after the action packed opening sequence were filmed in Prague, but we weren’t 100% sure where.

But, thanks to some excellent detective work from MCU Location Scout, we now know this set is a courtyard in the Malá Strana neighbourhood of Prague.

NOTE: Sadly the Tunisian vibes were created through creative set dressing, and the real life courtyard looks very different in real life. You can spot it from afar in the Google Street view embed below:

Živnobanka Palace in Prague (Palác Živnostenské banky), AKA Where Bucky’s 1st Winter Soldier Flashback Takes Place)

The mega-opulent “luxury hotel” where we first see Bucky in the episode (kicking through that stunning mural no less!) is not a hotel in real life, but actually a former bank building in Prague known as the Živnobanka Palace, or Palác Živnostenské banky.

This building is one of the last Neo-Renaissance buildings remaining in Czechia, with decadent interiors filled with murals (as we saw!), sculptures and stucco decor.

Apparently, there are indeed plans to potentially turn this space into a luxury hotel, but the latest update was that it was sold to a Chinese energy company for 27 million euros.

You can see more photos of the beautiful interior here.

Prague Ministry of Culture (AKA, Gasel Bank in Switzerland)

Address: Maltézské nám. 471, 118 00 Malá Strana, Czechia

In the second half of episode one of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we’re brought to “Switzerland” where we see Torres at a Flag-Smashers event.

In real life, this street is in Prague and not Switzerland. The building that has signage for “Gasel Bank” is actually Prague’s Ministry of Culture, as seen here:

Outside Beroun, Czechia (AKA Where John Walker and Battlestar Pick Up Bucky and Sam)

While meant to be somewhere in the German countryside near Munich, we believe the scenic country road where Bucky and Sam are begrudgingly picked up by John Walker to be in Czechia, specifically near the town of Beroun.

According to Fadíme Filmu, crews were set up back in October 2020 in some “picturesque fields” outside of Beroun, Czechia.

After some sleuthing on Google Maps, we found some scenes that looked remarkably similar, although ID-ing a specific country road as a Falcon and Winter Soldier location might be tough!

What do you think? Does it look close?

Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace in Prague (AKA the GRC Resettlement Camp in Riga)

This was one filming location from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier that took us FOREVER to find, but thanks to this set photo from Fandíme Filmu, we cracked it!

The GRC Resettlement Camp in Riga showcased in Episodes 3 and 4 of TFATWS (both the courtyard and interior) belong to the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace in Prague.

(Yes, they chose a former palace to film for the Resettlement camp/hospital where we see Mama Donya!)

Filming here took place on October 13, 2020.

Troja Bridge in Prague (AKA the Bridge in Madripoor)

We already knew that a scene for the Falcon and the Winter Soldier was filmed at this modern bridge in Prague, according to these set photos.

And after Episode 3, we can confirm that the scene shot here was the awesome bridge scene in Madripoor, where we see Sam dressed like a pimp… or “Smiling Tiger” for the first time.

The epic skyline of Madripoor is of course added in via CGI. Sadly Prague’s skyline isn’t quite so modern!

Outside St. Gabriel Monastery and Church of the Annunciation in Prague (AKA the GRC Supply Depot in Vilnius)

While The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 3 has scenes in “Vilnius, Lithuania” in the second half, surprise – these scenes were again simply shot in Prague.

Specifically, the GRC Supply Depot in Vilnius is actually the St Gabriel Monastery in Prague.

And the road where we first see Karli and Dovich chatting about what jobs they wanted when they were younger can be found just outside:

23 Karoliny Světlé (AKA the Spot in Riga Where Bucky Leaves to “Go on a Walk”)

Finding this Falcon and the Winter Soldier filming location took a TON of zooming around Google Street view, but we found it!

At the end of Episode 3, Bucky, Zemo and Sam are walking in “Riga”, when Sam and Zemo head into a building.

This building is actually located at 23 Karoliny Světlé in Prague, and it appears again at the start of Episode 4.

Unfortunately, while the building does actually host rentable holiday apartments, the interiors don’t look nearly as lavish as Zemo’s luxe hideout seen throughout Episode 4.

As for the facade, while a lot of signage was changed for filming, you can see the street clearly here:

2 Průchodní in Prague (AKA Where Bucky Meets Ayo)

So after Bucky leaves to “go on a walk” (which was honestly very very suspicious but okay), we see him duck into a small side street where he sees Ayo.

Of course, we see them here again at the start of Episode 4 as well.

This small street can be found at 2 Průchodní in Prague, here:

Olšanský Cemetery (Olšanských hřbitovů, AKA the Cemetery Where Karli Retrieves More Super Soldier Serum)

We already knew from early fan reports that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier filming took place at Olšanský Cemetery, the largest graveyard in Prague.

Fandíme Filmu originally reported that this location was transformed into a Polish cemetery based on the Polish names on signage pictured here.

Now, after Episode 4, we know that cemetery was actually set in Riga, Latvia rather than Poland. Perhaps the Polish names were just part of the set dressing! This is of course where we see Karli retrieving her extra vials of super soldier serum.

Thunovská Street in Prague (AKA the Street in Riga Where Walker & Battlestar Confront Sam & Bucky)

While a lot of the signs were changed over to turn this iconic Prague street into Riga, the street and stairs where we see Walker trash talking Sam and Bucky in Episode 4 is actually Thunovská Street in Prague, as you can see here:

Old Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bubeneč (AKA Where Mama Donya’s Memorial is Held)

Located north of Prague’s city center near the Stromovka Royal Game Reserve, the Old Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bubeneč plays a key role in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 4.

This facility was used for filming Mama Donya’s memorial scene, along with all the action surrounding it, including yes even that room where Zemo was handcuffed (as you can see below).

The best part? This location is actually one you can tour easily if you’re ever in Prague! Click here for more info.

Dlouhá 37 in Prague (AKA the Courtyard Where Karli and the Flag-Smashers Are Hiding)

In Episode 4, there are quite a few scenes involving the Flag-Smashers and a beautiful courtyard with arches.

It took a bit of digging, but we discovered this lovely courtyard is actually located at Dlouhá 37 in Prague.

You can’t see this courtyard from Street View unfortunately, but you can catch a photo of it here… a perfect match for Karli’s little hideaway, although the real life location has a wine bar, so it wins.

Passage Lucerna (AKA Where Walker and Battlestar Discuss the Super Soldier Serum)

Early on, we knew this gorgeous passage in Prague was supposedly used as a TFATWS filming location.

After Episode 4, we now know this passage is where they filmed the brief scene of Walker and Battlestar having coffee while discussing whether or not they would take the Super Soldier Serum if they had a chance. This is also of course where those women ask Walker for his autograph.

FUN FACT: This passage actually has a super random and unique statue of an upside down horse, but they had to hide it for production.

Image by Alexander Schlegel from Pixabay

 Karoliny Světlé & Konviktská in Prague (AKA Where We See Sam on the Phone with Sarah)

Near the end of Episode 4, we see Sam and Bucky walking down a beautiful street as Sam is on the phone.

This street is Karoliny Světlé, which (as you know) is also the street containing the facade of Zemo’s Latvian hideout.

The point where they’re walking though is closer to the intersection with Konviktská, as you can clearly see the Rotunda of the Finding of the Holy Cross church in the background.

Inside St. Gabriel Monastery and Church of the Annunciation in Prague (AKA Where the Epic Fight at the End of Episode 4 Takes Place)

The gorgeous exterior of the the St. Gabriel Monastery and Church of the Annunciation in Prague was already seen in a previous episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as the GRC Supply Depot in Vilnius, but the interiors made a reappearance in Episode 4 as the venue for that epic fight between the Flag-Smashers and (mainly) John Walker at the end of the episode.

This Neo-Romanesque building was actually sold for €14M a few years ago, and you can see lots of photos of the inside here including the spots shown during the fight scenes.

It took us forever to find this TFATWS location, but we got lucky by noticing the windows/facade pictured when Walker jumps out to the bus below.

Prague National Theater (AKA Where Bucky Jumps Off the Balcony)

In Episode 4, we have a brief but epic scene where Bucky jumps off the balcony of a beautiful building onto the street below.

This was filmed at Prague’s National Theater. You can watch a BTS clip of them filming this with Sebastian Stan’s stunt double here.

Knihkupectví Paulínky at Jungmannovo nám. 753 in Prague (AKA the Bookstore Walker Runs Past in the Episode 4 Chase Scene)

In the final moments of Episode 4, we see lots of different locations as Walker chases his Flag-Smashing prey through the streets of “Riga” (really, Prague).

This bookstore at Jungmannovo nám. 753 is one of the spots they run past, as seen here:

The two fight a bit in this courtyard, as seen here:

Jungmann Square in Prague (AKA the Square Where Walker Goes… Nuts)

The final moments of Episode 4 of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier are equal parts horrifying and awesome. If you’re looking for the sprawling square where Walker loses it in front of dozens of camera-wielding strangers, well Jungmann Square in Prague is where you need to go.

You can see a BTS photo from this moment here.

Karlín Barracks (Kasáren Karlín), AKA Where We See Flag-Smashers Getting Arrested

According to Fandíme Filmu, these barracks were used as a stand-in for a Latvian police station.

However, after watching Episode 5, it seems like the courtyard pictured here was actually used to show some Flag-Smashers getting arrested, as well as an establishing shot for when Karli & co. head back to the GRC building that has been raided and shut down.

Letenské pláni

According to the Prague Reporter, this is where filming base camp was set up for a few days (with trailers, production vans, etc.)

Extras casting! Based on the filming dates, it’s likely this call for extras was for the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Can you imagine if you got to be in town for that?

The Falcon and Winter Soldier Filming Locations in Georgia

Like most Marvel productions, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier filmed extensively in Georgia.

You can see some behind the scenes photos here from December 2019.

Here are some of the Georgia locations of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier we know of so far.

Photo by Ronny Sison on Unsplash

The Atlanta High Museum of Art, AKA The Smithsonian

While technically taking place at the Smithsonian, the real life location of Sam’s Smithsonian speech in Episode 1 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier can be found in Atlanta.

According to a tip from MCU Location Scout, this bit was filmed in the Atlanta High Museum of Art, specifically an auditorium area in the Northeast corner of the rear building.

This is a view of what the building looks like from the outside, but if you compare the brick building across the street with the background seen in Sam’s speech, you’ll see this is a correct location match!

The Rooftop of The Silver Deck in Atlanta, AKA the parking garage in Bucky’s therapy flashbacks

Thanks again to MCU Location Scout for finding this one, but if you’re curious about where they shot the parking lot flashback scenes during Bucky’s therapy session, this unique parking structure next to the Mercedez-Benz Stadium in Atlanta is the real life location.

To confirm, if you look at the unique ceiling structure in the Street View below, you can tell it’s the same!

 215A Mitchell St SW, AKA the Alley Where Mr. Nakajima is complaining about Unique

While technically set in Brooklyn, the alley where Mr. Nakajima is confronting Unique about his trash before Bucky saves the day is actually located in Atlanta, specifically at 215A Mitchell St SW here.

The “sushi restaurant” is also right next door.

Thanks MCU Location Scout for this tip!

Moon River at Downing Piers Dock, AKA Wilson Family Seafood

While set in Delacroix, Louisiana, the real life location of Wilson Family Seafood is actually is actually just outside Savannah, Georgia at the dock by Moon River at Downing Piers.

The nearby O S C A Rd is also where we see Sam driving home, and the Wilson family home is not too far away at a private residence in Vernonburg.

NOTE: These settings also feature heavily in Episode 5.

Thanks to MCU Location Scout for digging up these locations!

Forsyth St and Main St in Barnesville, Georgia, AKA Sam’s Bank in Delacroix, Louisiana

In the first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we see Sam return to his hometown of Delacroix, Louisiana.

Based on fan photos from the set, we can assume that many scenes from the show will take place here, but for now here’s what we know for sure: the bank exterior scenes from Episode 1 were shot on the corner of Forsyth St and Main St in Barnesville:

Georgia Capitol Museum (AKA Where They Announce the “New Captain America”)

Address: 206 Washington St SW, Atlanta, GA 30334, United States

At the end of the first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we see Sam watching the announcement all about America’s new Cap.

This announcement appears to have been filmed at the Georgia Capitol Museum in Atlanta:

Duluth High School, Georgia (AKA John Walker’s Old High School)

Back in November 2019, Atlanta Magazine revealed that the Falcon and the Winter Soldier was filming at Duluth High School in Georgia.

After Episode 2 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier aired, we realized this must have been where they filmed the beginning scenes featuring John Walker (AKA New Cap) at his old high school.

We can assume the locker room interiors were shot here, and that they used the Duluth High School football field for Walker’s interview with Good Morning America.

Curious about the behind the scenes of this shoot? You can see some set photos here on Murphy’s Multiverse.

Dobbins Air Reserve Base (AKA Where Sam and Bucky Reunite)

According to this official press release from the Los Angeles Air Force Base, both Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama and Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Georgia were used during the production of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Based on comparing photos from the bases, we believe Dobbins Air Reserve is where they filmed the scene where Sam and Bucky reunite before heading to Munich. If you compare the setting from the show to these photos here (specifically the yellow detailing on the ceiling), you’ll see they are indeed very similar.

Let us know in the comments if you can confirm this filming location from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier!

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Pratt-Pullman Yard in Atlanta (AKA the Abandoned Warehouse Near Munich)

Ahh, we love some good old fashioned production trickery, and this is a great example. If you’re looking for the old warehouse near Munich from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 2, that isn’t in Germany at all, but actually the Pratt-Pullman Yard in Kirkwood, Georgia.

This also appears to be where they filmed the (epic!) beginning fight scene from Episode 5.

According to Atlanta Magazine, the crew filmed there in January 2020.

66 Hogue Street in Atlanta (AKA Isaiah Bradley’s House)

A huge thanks to MCU Location Scout for finding this location!

When we take a little trip to Baltimore in Episode 2 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we’re not in Baltimore at all, but rather, Atlanta, a destination we return to in Episode 5.

Here is the exact house that they used to film Isaiah Bradley’s (note that it is a private residence and not open to the public):

100 Peachtree Parking in Atlanta (AKA Where John Walker Tries to Chat with Sam and Bucky)

Just after Sam and Bucky’s cute little couples’ counselling session, we see them leaving the building only to be called over by John Walker, who once again insists they should work together.

This scene is shot right by the 100 Peachtree Parking in downtown Atlanta, as seen here:

A block away is where we see Bucky and Sam finishing their chat and deciding who they’re going to have to see:

Fulton County Airport-Brown Field (AKA the Air Field in Bratislava, Slovakia)

According to Atlanta Magazine, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier crews filmed at the Fulton County Airport-Brown Field in December 2019.

We now know that the scenes that shot here were the “Bratislava” air field scenes from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 2.

This spot might look familiar:

State Alley in Griffin (AKA the Munich Safehouse)

According to Atlanta Magazine, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier filmed in downtown Griffin in January 2020.

It was utter dumb luck that we found this TFATWS filming location, because we literally just put a pin down in downtown Griffin to start looking and somehow it was the correct alley. No joke!

Anyways, if you want to see the alleyway where the Munich safehouse is located (seen in Episode 2 and 3), State Alley in Griffin is where you want to go. Weirdly, based on this Streetview image, we think they might have added all that graffiti to make it look more run down:

Krog Street Tunnel in Atlanta (AKA the Graffiti Tunnel in Madripoor)

As evidenced by this Reddit post and confirmed by Atlanta Magazine, Falcon and the Winter Soldier set up to film here in January 2020 for an overnight shoot.

In Episode 3 of TFATWS, this is the graffiti-filled tunnel we see the crew and all those motorcyclists drive into in Madripoor.

We see the tunnel again in Episode 4, when Sharon is on the phone while strutting through the mad streets of Madripoor.

State Alley in Griffin (AKA Lowtown, Madripoor)

Another filming location we recognized from State Alley appears later in Episode 3.

As Sam, Bucky, and Zemo head into Madripoor‘s Lowtown, they’re seen walking on a walkway above the chaos. This walkway is actually in State Alley, just a few steps away from the Munich safehouse.

Based on these set photos here as well, we can assume that all of the Lowtown street scenes we see in Episode 3 were sets created for the occasion in State Alley.

If you look closely, you’ll even see the same slanted power line as in the Munich safehouse scenes!

Wimbish House in Atlanta (AKA Sharon’s Fancy Hideout Interiors)

Looking for Sharon’s Madripoor hideout? In reality, they filmed at two separate venues in Atlanta to achieve the double whammy of elegant interiors and perfect party vibes.

First off – we stumbled upon this Tweet while researching Madripoor locations, which shows that the entrance of Sharon’s crib was set up at Wimbish House in Atlanta.

After some more digging, we found that the interiors of Wimbish House’s dining area match Sharon’s ‘living area’ where they are getting ready for the party.

You can compare photos of the venue here with the windows seen in the Episode – an exact match!

Domaine Nightclub in Atlanta (AKA the Party Venue & Setting for Zemo’s Iconic Moves)

Thanks to some detective work from MCU Location Scout, we now know the Madripoor party scenes at Sharon’s hideaway from Episode 3 were filmed at Domaine Nightclub in Atlanta.

We see this location very briefly again in Episode 4 when Sharon is on the phone with Sam for the second time. If you look at the official Domaine website here, you’ll see a photo with the exact glittery columns and gold seating that are shown while Sharon’s on the phone.

Sweetwater State Park Mill Ruins (AKA the Flag-Smasher’s Refuge Spot by the River)

At the start of Episode 4 of TFATWS, we see the Flag-Smashers hiding out at some cool ruins by a river. While most of this episode was filmed in Prague, this specific scene was filmed in Georgia at the Sweetwater State Park Mill Ruins.

Once upon a time, this mill was used for the production of clothing and other materials, including even uniforms for the Confederate army during the Civil War.

Historic Dekalb Courthouse in Dekalb County, Georgia (AKA Where John Walker Has His Meeting with the Government)

In Episode 5, John Walker faces the consequences for his actions back in Riga. The beautiful white courtroom where this takes place is actually the Historic Dekalb Courthouse in Georgia, and not DC as the establishing shot would have you believe.

PS: While indeed a former courthouse, today it’s a very popular for weddings! Click here to see some photos.

Grocery Store in Barnesville (AKA Hoskins Family Flowers)

This article from Murphy’s Multiverse leaked months ago that Hoskins Family Flowers would be a filming location for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and we finally saw this spot in Episode 5, when John visits Lemar’s family.

Filming for this took place in Barnesville back in November. It’s tough to see the resemblance based on the interiors we saw in the show, but compare it with the set photo in the article and you’ll see it’s a match.

Woodruff Park, Atlanta

According to Atlanta Filming on Instagram, this green space in the park was used to film a scene for TFATWS.

After Episode 5, we now know this is where they filmed the park scene where Karli meets up with Batroc, although some CGI magic was used to make it look like they were in New York City.

Atlanta Convention Centre at AmericasMart, Atlanta (AKA the GRC Meeting Venue)

According to Atlanta Filming on Instagram here, more The Falcon and the Winter Soldier filming took place here at AmericasMart in Downtown Atlanta.

After some sleuthing, we found this Penthouse Ballroom, which belongs to Building 3 of the Atlanta Convention Centre located at AmericasMart. This is an exact match for the GRC meeting room seen at the end of Episode 5.

We also see much more of the Convention Centre throughout Episode 6, including this entranceway here, which is where we see Bucky and Sharon meeting up at the start of the episode.

Atlantic Station, Atlanta (AKA, Setting for the Episode 6 Outdoor Fight Scenes)

Based on this video on Twitter, we know that The Falcon and The Winter Soldier filmed around Atlantic Station in September 2020.

Now, having seen Episode 6, we finally know which scenes!

While a lot of CGI was involved to make it look like New York, the scene in Episode 6 when Karli is talking to the Flag-Smashers about worst case scenario, killing the hostages was filmed in Atlantic Station around 18th St NW & District Ave. You can recognize the 4 story brick building in the background:

This is the street John Walker is strolling down when he debuts his garage Cosplay Cap shield with that “Morgen-THAU!!!” As Atlanta Filming shared on Instagram here, the battle scene was shot here in September over the course of two days.

Of course, this is also where we had the scenes with the fiery NYPD vehicles. Check out a cool behind the scenes video from filming here.

And here’s the area (note the scenic Subway in the background!) where we see Sharon nursing her wound with Sam and Bucky just after the end of the battle:

Maybe: Jimmy John’s (89 Broad St NW), Atlanta?

According to Atlanta Filming on Instagram here, more The Falcon and the Winter Soldier filming took place here. After finishing the show, we still can’t immediately ID a scene that took place here, so it’s possible the scene was either interiors-only or was cut from the final cut. Let us know if you have any info on this!

Other The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Locations

Last but not least, there are some locations featured in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier that mainly use stock footage, but we wanted to include them anyway for the sake of comprehensiveness.


The action-packed sequence at the beginning of the first episode brings us to Tunisia. Given the action involved, this was all likely done with a green screen, but we will say the landscapes reminded us a lot of Star Wars, which filmed a lot in Tunisia as well!

NOTE: The scene in “Tunisia” where Sam and Torres are having tea (following all the action sequences) was actually filmed in Prague, according to local sources.

Image by lu mena barreto from Pixabay

Washington DC

After the epic action sequence at the start of Episode 1, we are brought to Washington DC as seen by the sweeping establishing shot of the Capitol before we’re taken inside Sam’s speech at the Smithsonian.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay


Sam’s return home to Louisiana (which is also where Anthony Mackie is from!) had us all itching to visit Louisiana.

While these scenes most likely shot in Georgia rather than on-site (the bank scene for example was in Barnesville), it’s still important to note the importance of Louisiana as a TFATWS location.

Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay

(Near) Munich

While we’ve already covered which real life locations were used in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier to sub in for the scenes outside of Munich in Episode 2 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, there are a few establishing shots we think we recognize.

For instance, just before Bucky jumps out of the plane, the background shown behind the plane appears to be Zugspitze, Germany’s highest peak.

It’s tough to confirm this 100%, but if you look at the two side by side, they look very similar.

Image by Tim Mrzyglod from Pixabay

Baltimore, Maryland

Later in Episode 2, we head over to Baltimore where Sam and Bucky visit Isaiah Bradley.

While scenes with Isaiah’s home (and his neighbourhood) were actually shot in Atlanta, we figured it was still important to include Baltimore as a The Falcon and the Winter Soldier “filming” location.

Image by emitea from Pixabay

Berlin, Germany

While none of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier actually filmed in Berlin, the city nonetheless gets a nice cameo in Episode 2, when an aerial view of the Siegessäule can be seen as an establishing shot.


Episode 3 had most fans frantically Googling “where is Madripoor”, and sadly, as we’re sure you probably know by now, Madripoor is a fictional place.

And while the epic Madripoor skyline was likely just a magical creation of CGI, we wanted to point out it looks a bit like a mashup of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore…!

Hong Kong skyline – Image by Dave Y Kialoa from Pixabay
Shanghai – Image by Torpong Tankamhaeng from Pixabay
Singapore – Image by zephylwer0 from Pixabay

Riga, Latvia

Episode 3 brings us several scenes in Riga, the capital city of Latvia. While we now know that all these scenes were filmed in Prague, they do use a nice establishing shot near the end of Episode 3 that shows the beautiful Riga skyline from the water.

This isn’t an exact match, but here’s a nice photo of Riga so you see what it looks like!

Photo by Darya Tryfanava on Unsplash


Finally, Episode 4 brought us a quick establishing shot of Wakanda.

If you didn’t know already, Wakanda is sadly not a real place, but we can dream!

While we’re not quite sure where the brief Wakanda scenes from the start of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 4 were filmed, you can read our full guide on Wakanda filming locations from previous movies for more info on where to find Wakanda IRL.

New York City

Finally, Episodes 5 and 6 brought us to New York City… which in classic movie magic fashion, was entirely shot in Atlanta, specifically the Atlantic Station area.

While not that visible in the final cut, a lot of detail actually went into transforming Atlantic Station into New York, including various signs and of course, a healthy dose of CGI. You can see set photos here from Murphy’s Multiverse showing the G20 and even construction signs that were used.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Have Any Tips on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Filming Locations?

Let us know in the comments so we can update our guide and make it better!

Some The Falcon and the Winter Soldier filming locations we can’t quite figure out are:

  • Tunisia canyon scenes from Episode 1. This might be hard to pin down, but it would be cool to know where the Tunisia action scenes from Episode 1 were set!
  • The Baltimore police station from Episode 2. You know, where Bucky and Sam get their couples’ counselling!
  • The prison at the end of Episode 2. You know the one!
  • Zemo’s swanky Riga hideaway in Episode 4. To be honest, we think this could have been a specially built set as it all looks a little too “perfect”, but we would love to be proven wrong because that is one gorgeous apartment.
  • The lake area where we see the Sokovia monument in Episode 5. We assume this is somewhere in Georgia, but we could be totally wrong! This location is especially hard to ID as CGI seems to have been involved in changing the scene, as evidenced by this mini-controversy that the scene looked different between trailers released prior to the show’s debut.
  • The bridge that Sam lands on during the battle in Episode 6. NOTE: Tons of CGI was involved in this sequence since we were supposedly in New York.
  • The parking lot where we see the last of the Flag-Smashers in Episode 6. This must be in Atlanta somewhere, but we don’t know the area well enough to ID a parking lot haha.

If you have any leads on these locations (or others), let us know in the comments! Thanks so much.

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  1. Thank you so much for your article! I would love to clarify an information: Tunisia is a North African country. It is not part of the Middle East. There are Muslim countries that are not part of the Middle East, which is a geographic location. Same for Arabic countries. So, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Morocco are Arabic Muslim countries but they are North African.
    And yes the first part of the first episode was about Tunisia.
    Thank you ^^

    • Oops – thanks so much for the comment, Sahar! We initially wrote Middle Eastern before we knew it was Tunisia, and then when we added Tunisia we forgot to amend the text before it. Thanks so much for catching that – we’ll be updating the post!

  2. Correction: It’s actually “Atlantic Station”, not Atlanta Station. The 17 1/2 St filming location is likely also inside Atlantic Station. It’s a large (many square blocks) urban multiuse district in/near Midtown Atlanta, built on the site of the former Atlantic Steel mill (hence the name) https://atlanticstation.com/
    I’m not affiliated with it, and I don’t think know anybody who works or lives there. Ikea’s cool, though.


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