30+ Mandalorian Themed Food & Snacks for Your Mando Watch Party

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This is the way – the proper way – to host an epic Mandalorian watch party!

Looking for some cooking inspo to liven up your next Mando marathon with friends and/or family?

We’ve searched far and wide across the galaxy for the best recipes, both originally created and from the official Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook, in order for YOU to create some culinary masterpieces from the comforts of your own home.

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We’ve separated dishes into a few categories (appetizers, desserts, main courses, drinks, and Galaxy’s Edge-specific recipes) for readability, but we hope you’ll give more than one a go.

Whether you’re cooking for just one Bounty Hunter or all of Mandalore, these recipes are sure to tickle your fancy! Throw on your Baby Yoda onesie, and let’s get straight to the good stuff.

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Mandalorian Appetizers

Whether you’re planning on hosting a party that features light hors d’oeuvres OR an entire full course spread, these appetizers are bound to amaze your guests. These are some of our fave Mando starters that are the perfect size for light nibbling!

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1. Baby Yoda Deviled Eggs with Avocado

Want a healthy, geeky snack for your Mando watching? These Baby Yoda deviled eggs are the perfect solution!

The best part is that you might have all the ingredients you need to make these cuties; everything required is a kitchen staple. The avocado-yolk filling is also perfect for representing The Child!

Click here for the recipe from Popcorner Reviews.

You can also watch the video tutorial here:

Via Popcorner Reviews

2. Baby Yoda Nachos

These are ‘nacho’ average snacks! This is an entire spread of nachos, complete with guacamole, onions, peppers, and olives to round out Baby Yoda’s figure.

It’s the simplest snack for Mando viewing that doesn’t even require baking!

Click here for the recipe from Little House Big Alaska.

We gave it a shot ourselves before binging some Mando content:

3. Baby Yoda Rice Krispie Treats

These Rice Krispie treats get an instant cute factor addition when you plunk on Baby Yoda’s jumbo candy eyes! Plus, they’re the perfect size for popping into your mouth whole while you watch a helping of Mando.

Watch the video tutorial for the recipe below, via Mz Hollywood:

Via Mz Hollywood

4. Baby Yoda Spinach and Artichoke Bites

These Baby Yoda spinach and artichoke bites are unbe’leaf’ably delicious! Plus, have you ever seen something cuter?!

They’re shaped in the exact same form as Baby Yoda’s head, and they’re the perfect size to pop into your mouth for some delectable bites while glued to the TV.

Click here for the recipe from Popcorner Reviews.

Baby Yoda spinach bites
Photo via Popcorner Reviews

Mandalorian Desserts

These recipes will surely make your Mando watching even more of a sweet experience. We’ve included the most clever, simple, and of course, DELICIOUS recipes for Mando-themed desserts that you can bake.

Be warned, though – if you whip these up for your Mando marathon, chances are, you’ll be asked to host every Star Wars party from here until eternity. These recipes are bomb!

5. Mandalorian Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie – but make it MANDO! This beautifully unique spin on pumpkin pie is absolutely delicious (and also subtle enough to bring to Thanksgiving and Christmas shindigs).

Popcorner Reviews turns a classic recipe into something that you’ll wholesomely enjoy for dessert, while being engrossed in everything Mando.

Click here for the recipe from Popcorner Reviews.

6. Baby Yoda Macarons

If you love bite-sized, adorable treats, these Baby Yoda macarons are perfect for you!

They’re so cute, you might end up just giving them as a gift because you won’t have the heart to eat them yourself.

Watch the video tutorial of the recipe, via Binging with Babish below (and Jon Favreau even makes an appearance!):

Via Binging with Babish

BONUS: If you’ve seen Season 2 (Chapter 12), you’ll recognize these “Baby Yoda space macarons” that have taken the world by storm.

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Or, if you want to take the easy (but pricey) route, you can purchase official Mandalorian macarons from William-Sonoma. Click here for the link.

These were inspired by that precious scene when a young Nevarro student didn’t want to share his noms with Baby Yoda. Thus, these “space macarons” were born, each coming with a delicious bite full of vanilla-almond filling.

7. Baby Yoda Cookies

These Baby Yoda cookies are the cutest delicacies in the galaxy! They’re so adorable, you might have a tough time nomming them up.

They’re essentially cute twists on sugar cookies that can be easily made right before any Mando party.

Click here for the recipe from Popcorner Reviews.

For another take on Baby Yoda cookies, watch this video tutorial below from Cookielicious NZ:

Via Cookielicious NZ

If you’re vegan, never fear – watch the video tutorial below from iHasCupquake to make VEGAN Baby Yoda cookies:

Via I Has Cupquake

And lastly, if you can’t bake to save your life (like me), you can use Nutter Butters and make these adorable no-bake Baby Yoda cookies. Click here for the recipe from The Savvy Mama Lifestyle.

8. Baby Yoda Cupcakes

These Baby Yoda cupcakes are the cutest tiny desserts that don’t require TOO much work. Plus, once you’re done decorating them, they’re the perfect subjects for your ‘Gram – just sit back in awe of your adorable creations!

Watch the video tutorial for the recipe below from Cakes by Tori Elizabeth:

Via Tori Elizabeth

9. Baby Yoda Cake Pops

Everyone loves cake pops, right? For your Mando watching party, whip up these cutie pies – everyone will love nomming one or two (or all of them)!

These also make the absolute PERFECT gifts for that Mando-obsessed friend. Watch the video tutorial for the recipe below from Craftologia:

Via Craftologia

10. Bantha Cookies

These Bantha cookies are irresistibly adorable (so much, that you might not even want to eat them). For those who have seen Season 2 (Chapter 9), you’ll know that Banthas play a crucial role.

Thus, it’s only honorable to make these cookies to showcase your love for these hairy, slow-moving creatures!

Click here for the recipe from Popcorner Reviews.

Check out Monica’s video tutorial for making the bantha cookies below:

Via Popcorner Reviews

11. Mando Helmet Cake

Alas, how can you watch Mando without making his ENTIRE helmet in his honor? This video shows you all the steps from start to finish to make your cake-making process a breeze.

Click here for the video tutorial from The Robyn’s Nest:

Via The Robyn’s Nest

12. Baby Yoda Cake

Want to try making a 3D Baby Yoda cake? This innovative recipe is sure to be worth all the time and effort!

Watch the video tutorial for the recipe from Koalipops:

Via Koalipops

If you want to learn how to make a Baby Yoda cake (in his crib), watch the video from The Lovely Baker below:

Via The Lovely Baker

Sidenote: If you search “Baby Yoda cake” on YouTube, you’ll get HUNDREDS of results!

13. Mando Ice Cream Sandos

No need for the Mando code when you whip these up! These tasty Mando ice cream sandwiches are cool enough to make in the wee hours leading up to another season.

Plus, it’s like triple the treat – your fave ice cream flavor wedged between two sugar cookies! Mm mm.

Click here for the recipe from the official Star Wars blog.

Mandalorian Main Dishes

Alright, let’s cut to the hearty stuff! The following Mandalorian themed recipes will not only make you drool with delight, but they’ll leave you feeling extra full and satisfied.

Plus, they’re all made with subtle (or very obvious) Mando touches, which makes these the best possible main dishes you can serve up for a Mandalorian watch party.

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14. Bone Broth

Want to try the same soup that Baby Yoda was sipping in his infamous mug? Here’s your chance! 

With this detailed recipe and walkthrough, you’ll be able to follow along and serve up some piping hot bone broth that Mando would even be envious of.

Watch the video tutorial below, via Babish Culinary Universe:

Via Babish Culinary Universe

15. Baby Yoda Ramen

Quite possibly the best recipe on this list (but I’m not biased – or am I?), this Baby Yoda ramen recipe is unique, creative, AND fun.

The video’s creator mentioned that the original was on Reddit (find that post here), but his recreation of this recipe was spot-on and absolute perfection. And how GOOD is that coloring of Baby Yoda’s head?!

Watch the video tutorial below, via Kojimochi:

Via Kojimochi

16. Spicy Mandalorian Stew

Try your hand at making this delicious spicy Mando stew! It’s flavorful, full of nutrients, and isn’t difficult to cook up at all.

Note: This recipe is from “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook,” by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel. You can find the official cookbook here.

Watch the video tutorial for the recipe below, via Fantasy Kitchen:

Via Fantasy Kitchen

17. Baby Yoda Sandwich

For an ideal main course, try making this Baby Yoda sandwich! And yes, it DOES include fried frog legs – authentic to some of Beb Yoda’s staple foods!

Watch the video tutorial for the recipe below, via Sauced Up! Foods:

Via Sauced Up! Foods

18. Mandalorian Casserole (Tiingilar)

Did you know that Tiingilar is an extremely spicy casserole made by members of the Mando culture? It uses various meats, veggies, and spices –some of which are so pungent, they’re enough to burn one’s nasal passages?!

Regardless, this dish is prized by Mandalorians, being one of four qualities sought after in the code of Mando cooking. It’s a must-cook if you’re interested in the way of the Mando!

Watch the video tutorial for the recipe below, via The Science Kitchen:

Via The Science Kitchen

Misc. Mandalorian Treats

Looking for other Mando goodies that you don’t need to make yourself? Thanks to the goodness of online shopping, you’ll find plenty of Mando treats available at the click of your button. Here’s a few of our faves:

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19. Mandalorian Cereal

Yes, Mandalorian-themed cereal exists!

Thanks to General Mills, you can indulge in this fruity-flavored cereal with marshmallows (filled with plenty of vitamins and minerals). 

Buy it here from Amazon:

20. Baby Yoda Toy & Candy Set

If you’re looking for something to cuddle WHILE you eat, this Baby Yoda plush and candy set is the answer to your prayers.

Plus, the candy is filled with fruit snacks… in the shape of Baby Yoda. But let’s be real, we’re all buying this mainly because of how cute the plush is!

Buy it here from Amazon:

21. Mandalorian Fruit Snacks

These Mandalorian fruit snacks are the ones you’ve been looking for!

They’re a slightly healthier alternative to all of the other sugary treats we’ve listed – and they come in the cutest shapes imaginable. 

They’re especially great for young Padawans who may be watching Mando with you!

Buy it here from Amazon:

22. Mandalorian Advent Calendar with Chocolate

This Mandalorian-themed advent calendar is the cutest gift for the holidays – and 24 various milk chocolate candies are behind each door! We especially love the front cover, featuring a snowman Stormtrooper that says, “Up to snow good.”

Buy it from Amazon here:

23. Mando Helmet Waffles

If the breakfast Force is strong with you, you’ll definitely need to whip up these wonderful waffles in the shape of Mando’s helmet.

Plus, this handy appliance does everything for you – just pour in the batter, and the magic cooks up in mere minutes!

Click here to buy the waffle maker.

There’s also a Baby Yoda waffle maker that you can purchase here.

Mandalorian Drinks

Ya can’t have a fun-filled Mando watch party without the DRINKS, now, can ya?!

Here are a few adult beverages (and some kid-friendly ones as well) that perfectly complement all of the delicious recipes we’ve just discussed.

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24. “The Child” Cocktail

If you love Trader Sams Enchanted Tiki Bar (located on the grounds of Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim), you’ll love this recipe for The Child cocktail. It’s a secret menu item (shhhh), but you can recreate it at home while watching Mando!

Fun fact: The whole Baby Yoda/”The Child” naming dispute over the cocktail was actually due to Lucasfilm Ltd. (read the reasoning in the video description below).

Watch the video tutorial for the cocktail from The Educated Barfly:

Via The Educated Barfly

25. Hyperdrive Drink

Also from the Holy Grail of Star Wars recipes (the Galaxy’s Edge cookbook), this hyperdrink drink recipe is an easy, non-alcoholic, refreshing way to counter all the food you’ve been delighting in. 

All you need is white cranberry (or white grape juice), any blue sports drink, lemon-lime soda, and black cherry puree. The result is an ombre look of pure beauty!

Watch the video tutorial from Nate Tiki:

Via Nate Tiki

26. Blue & Green Milk

You’ll either love or hate blue/green milk, but why not give it a whirl at home?

This is a close replica of the official recipe from the parks, and even though Mando and Baby Yoda are never seen drinking it, we’d assume it was definitely around in their time.

Watch the video tutorial below from Rosanna Pansino:

Via Rosanna Pansino

If you live in a Hoth-like climate all the time, why not make BLUE MILK HOT CHOCOLATE? Check out this creative recipe from Always Believe with this detailed video tutorial here!

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Recipes

While none of these recipes are directly from the Mando galaxy per se, they’re all official recipes from the Galaxy’s Edge cookbook. We thought we’d include a few to inspire your geeky cooking skills even further!

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27. Ronto Wraps

These are some of the hottest sellers in Batuu (in the parks, that is), especially with their resemblance to Oktoberfest-like bratwurst (by the way, if you’re drooling for some actual Oktoberfest recipes now, click here).

Watch the video tutorial of the recipe below, from Fantasy Kitchen:

Via Fantasy Kitchen

We even made our own Ronto Wraps via this recipe, so this is what all the ingredients looked like laid out before we assembled everything together (we opted to only use sausage rather than additional pork chops).

Ronto wrap ingredients
Ronto wrap ingredients

28. Gormaanda’s Glowblue Noodles

Try saying THIS recipe in a tongue twister! Despite its fairly complex name, these noodles are the perfect blend of cheesy and cherry tomatoey-refreshing.

And don’t worry – the rice noodles are just turned blue with the blue pea tea bags. The flavor is still out of this world!

Watch the video tutorial of the recipe below, from Fantasy Kitchen:

Via Fantasy Kitchen

29. Huttese Slime Pods

Don’t let the disgusting appearance of these slime pods fool you – they’re actually quite tasty! If you’re a gnocchi fan, this is a must-cook recipe that is perfect for Mando watching.

Watch the video tutorial of the recipe below, via Fantasy Kitchen:

Via Fantasy Kitchen

30. Fried Endorian Tip-Yip

This recipe also includes mashed chokeroot and is PACKED with flavors. If you’re looking for a hearty meal to cook up for your Mando marathons, this is the dish to make!

Watch the video tutorial of the recipe below, via Fantasy Kitchen:

Via Fantasy Kitchen

31. Nerf Kebabs

If you want to make some delicious food for your “scruffy-looking nerf-herder” partner, this recipe is sure to delight. It’s essentially just meat on a stick, but anything with a Star Wars twist always has our approval.

Watch the video tutorial of the recipe from vaultgirl145:

Via vaultgirl145

32. Gruuvan Shaal Kebab

This is your chance to make kebabs with a Star Wars twist! Learn how to make these simple kebabs, and your whole family will feel like they’re living on Mandalore with Baby Yoda and co.

Watch the video tutorial below from Fantasy Kitchen:

Via Fantasy Kitchen

Looking for more Star Wars-related recipes? Click here for some recipes from the official Star Wars blog!

BONUS: If you’re really extreme and want to eat like Baby Yoda for a day, you can always emulate YouTube user nickkingofearth, who did just that. Watch the video below:

Via nikkingofearth

We Hope You Enjoyed Our Roundup of Mando Recipes!

Do you have a Mando or Baby Yoda-related recipe that you’ve tested and want to share with us? Let us know in the comments! Happy Mando watching, and we hope that your appetites are satiated after all of this recipe-making!

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