Where is Yunkai (from Game of Thrones) in Real Life?

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Wondering where to find the yellow city of Yunkai from Game of Thrones in real life? This post will spill the beans on the real life location of Yunkai, and how to find it!

Where is Yunkai?

Yunkai, AKA the Yellow City, is one of the three city states located in Slaver’s Bay. We travel here in Game of Thrones Season 3 after Daenerys acquires the Unsullied (and frees Astapor). Notably, this is the city where we meet Daario Naharis for the first time (yenno, before he was awkwardly recast). It’s also here that Daenerys sets up her fun little glamping tent just outside of the city, and badassedly makes Daario, Greyworm and Jorah do her bidding as they take the city for her.

If you want to see Yunkai in real life, that’s easy! Here’s how.

Yunkai in Real Life Is…

The popular Aït Benhaddou, a fortified clay town in Morocco that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It was here that the Game of Thrones crew came to film most of the Yunkai scenes in Season 3.

Aït Benhaddou is a popular tourist attraction in Morocco, so visiting is really simple and there are a lot of guided tours that will happily take you there.

Where in Aït Benhaddou, Morocco Can I Find Game of Thrones Locations?

One quick look at Aït Benhaddou and you’ll see the Yunkai vibes instantly. Here are some spots to keep an eye out for though:

Outside the Aït Benhaddou walls

Daenerys’ fun glamping tent is set up just outside the walls of Yunkai, AKA the walls of Aït Benhaddou. We wouldn’t recommend trying to pitch your own tent here though.

Inside the Aït Benhaddou town

During the battle of Yunkai, we see the inside of town a little bit better although it’s pretty dark. Nonetheless, you can walk the streets of Aït Benhaddou and admire the setting of this great battle for yourself!

Which Yunkai scenes filmed in Aït Benhaddou?

If you’re hoping to catch some glimpses of Aït Benhaddou in Game of Thrones, here are some notable scenes from Yunkai that filmed there:

Daenerys meets the Second Sons and we meet Daario for the first time:

The Battle of Yunkai and the taking of the city:

The slaves of Yunkai are freed, Daenerys “Mhysa” Targaryen goes crowdsurfing:

Other Yunkai Filming Locations in Morocco

According to this article rom the official HBO Making of Game of Thrones blog, Daenerys’ tent scenes at the very start of her time in Yunkai, when she negotiates terms of surrender, were filmed in Tazentoute.

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