14 Tasty Studio Ghibli Food Recipes to Transport Your Tastebuds

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If there is one thing that Studio Ghibli excels at (besides magically enhancing everybody’s childhood), it would be its ability to animate food in such endlessly spectacular, inviting, and tasty ways.

I mean, how often have you left a Studio Ghibli film starving, or googling the nearest Japanese restaurant? For us geektrippers, far too many times to count…

But don’t worry! If you want to satisfy your Studio Ghibli food cravings from home, you can easily do so thanks to the amazing wide variety of recipes available online.

So, here are 14 tasty recipes to help you recreate your favourite Studio Ghibli foods at home, whether you’re looking to feast in the style of Spirited Away or slurp up some of the goodies in Porco Rosso.

Enjoy, and bon appétit!

The Simple but Droolworthy Breakfast from Howl’s Moving Castle

We’ll start with something simple, because simple is always best, right? BREAKFAST! Howl’s Moving Castle brought us some of the tastiest looking animated breakfast we’ve ever seen, and the best news is it’s easy to recreate this dish from home. For a simple and tasty tutorial, check out this recipe here from Binging with Babish.


The Slurp-Worthy Spaghetti from Porco Rosso

Another super easy Studio Ghibli meal to cook at home? The perfect mounds of tomato-ey spaghetti from Porco Rosso. This recipe here from Real Anime Food teaches you how to make this simple meal from home. Wine is optional but of course encouraged… you know, in the name of authenticity.


The Decadent Salmon in Creamy Sauce from Porco Rosso

For a slightly fancier dish from Porco Rosso, why not tackle that delicious looking salmon in bechamel sauce? This easy recipe shows you how, with a recipe for salmon and beurre blanc.


The Satisfying Onigiri from Spirited Away

Spirited Away was filled with a variety of ridiculously tantalizing foods, but we’ll start with one of the most simple: onigiri! This comforting dish (and lovely symbol of friendship in the movie) is a staple snack in Japan that is pretty easy to recreate at home. For a tasty variation with a twist (a savoury salmon filling), check out this Spirited Away-inspired recipe from Wonderland Recipes.


The Squishy Steamed Red Bean Buns from Spirited Away

Another comforting snack from Spirited Away are those ever-so-squishy red bean buns. While making these from scratch can be a bit laborious, the end result is worth it when you get to hold your own squishy creations in your hands. This recipe from Uncultured Palate will walk you through how to make these treats yourself, step by step.



The Fluffy Sponge Cake from Spirited Away

And while we could easily pad this list with a million more foods from Spirited Away, we’ll end things off here with that unbelievably fluffy and amazing sponge cake we see No-Face happily ingesting. How do you get your hands on your own wiggly sponge cake? The answer is easy – make it yourself! This easy to follow YouTube video from Kristin Lagman shows you how.




The Crispy Aji-furai from From Up On Poppy Hill

It’s impossible to not feel hungry when watching the Aji-furai (deep-fried horse mackerel) fry to perfection From Up On Poppy Hill. Luckily, you can feed those cravings from the comfort of your own home. Click here for an easy recipe on how to make these crispy goodies for yourself.


The Tantalizing Breakfast from From Up on Poppy Hill

Ham, eggs and cabbage might not sound like the most appetizing food in the world… yet somehow when Studio Ghibli animates it, it looks divine. So, why not satisfy your craving for breakfast with this simple, wholesome recipe? Click here for an easy tutorial on how to recreate this delectable breakfast combo.


The Comforting Okayu from Princess Mononoke (and Kiki’s Delivery Service)

The comforting pot of Okayu eaten by Ashitaka and the monk in Princess Mononoke is an easy dish to recreate from home. This savoury rice porridge is a staple comfort food across Asia, and takes only a few easy ingredients to make it taste wonderful (and oh so comforting). Here is a great recipe you can follow to recreate this wonderful Studio Ghibli dish!


The Tasty Ramen from Ponyo

For us, ramen is a dish best served….. literally anytime, with anything. But, there’s just something especially tantalizing about the ramen shown in Ponyo, with its thin slices of bright pink ham, tasty egg and scallions… we’re drooling just thinking about it. Luckily, this Ponyo ramen is one super easy dish to recreate from home. Click here for a recipe via Ochikeron.



The Adorable Bento from My Neighbour Totoro

While cute little Totoros made of rice are a common sight seen in elaborate Bento Boxes around the world, a replica of the bento boxes from My Neighbour Totoro are just as fun to create. Best of all? Making these is definitely much easier than trying to craft a Totoro out of rice and sesame seeds… honestly, take our word for it, it’s not easy. Click here for an easy tutorial from Kristin Wagman on how to make one of these yummy bento boxes for yourself!


The Crispy Herring Pot Pie from Kiki’s Delivery Service

Herring pie might not sound like the most appetizing dish to recreate at home, but you have to admit that Kiki’s Delivery Service did a great job and making it look tasty. If you’d like to venture out and try making this delicacy for yourself, here is a great video tutorial via Feast of Fiction that will show you step by step how to do it!


The Inviting Soup from Castle In The Sky

Last but not least, we have that comforting, steaming stew that Sheeta makes in Castle in the Sky. Just thinking about it is making us salivate a little. If you want to cook up your own giant pot of wonderful, comforting stew, here is an easy video guide courtesy of Serene Serenity.


Do you have any other Studio Ghibli food recipes to share?

Let us know in the comments! We hope you enjoyed this roundup of yummy recipes from all our favourite Studio Ghibli films. Happy feasting 🙂

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