The Best Yoda Puns, Jokes & Wordplay in the Star Wars Universe: 10+ Classic Yoda (and a Few Baby Yoda) Lines!

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Yoda is a total G when it comes to dishing out words of wisdom (click here for a full roundup of Yoda quotes), but have you realised how often his actual name can be used as a pun?

In the list below, we’ve included our favourite Yoda puns, jokes and wordplay (everything from classic to lesser-known ones), and SURPRISE – we even threw in a few Baby Yoda puns for your delight as well! Enjoy!

Classic Yoda Puns

Any classic spin on “You’re the ____” is an adequate reason to insert “Yoda” in its place when you’re giving something to a fellow geek. These are hailed as classic Yoda puns:

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Yoda one for me!
Source: Romper

Yoda best!
Source: Romper

Wishing Yoda best birthday!
Source: Etsy

Cheesy Yoda Puns

Okay, we know. A lot of the puns out there with Yoda’s name are extremely cheesy… but isn’t that what strengthens their appeal? Here are two of our fave cheesy Yoda puns:

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What kind of car does Yoda drive?
A To-Yoda.
Source: Thought Catalog

What is Yoda’s favourite soft drink?
Yoda Soda.
Source: The Purple Patch

Obscure Yoda Puns & Jokes

Don’t worry, not all of the Yoda puns out there are completely cheesy. Here are some more obscure puns that you may not have heard before:

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What did Yoda say when someone criticised his grammar?
Metaphors be with you!
Source: Punpedia

Why does Yoda always carry a camera?
He loves taking Yodagraphs.
Source: Punpedia

Not a Dagobah where Yoda doesn’t regret Anakin Skywalker’s fall to the dark side.
Source: Punpedia

Baby Yoda Puns & Jokes

Our beloved Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian also gets a special mention, even though he never speaks in season 1. After all, anyone can be turned into a pun! Here are some cute-worthy Baby Yoda puns you can use to make anyone go, “Aww!”

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Baby, Yoda best!
Source: Punpedia

What is the only haircare product brand that Baby Yoda uses?
MandaL’OrĂ©al (because worth it, he is!).
Source: Reddit

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Sorry, the mugs don’t feature Baby Yoda (via Giphy)

Did We Miss Any Witty Yoda Puns?

Or have one that you want to contribute? Let us know in the comments below!

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