50+ Umbrella Academy Filming Locations You Can Visit in Real Life

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If you’re a fan of The Umbrella Academy who wants to visit some (or many) of the filming locations then you’re in luck, because there are a lot!

And you’ll only need to head to Ontario, Canada since nearly everything was filmed in or around Toronto and nearby Hamilton. It’s very refreshing to find so many filming locations that aren’t purpose-built sets…

The Umbrella Academy tells the story of six (seven if you count ghosts) young adults with superpowers who were all adopted by a mysterious billionaire.

While the setting is ambiguous in seasons one and three (but possibly meant to be New York in a different universe), in season two the main action takes place in Dallas, Texas during the 1960s.

We’ve rounded up all the Umbrella Academy filming locations we could find in this post, so you can vicariously travel to nearly every single location, or plan your own real-life visit!

Umbrella Academy Filming Locations in Season One

If you’re wondering where was the Umbrella Academy filmed, then the short answer is: in Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario.

Nearly all the locations are filmed in and around Toronto, the capital of Canada’s Ontario province, as well as nearby port city Hamilton and some smaller towns.

Some interior scenes were filmed on purpose-built sets, but a lot of the show was actually created on-location.

Russian Swimming Pool

Real-Life Location: Wallace Emerson Community Centre, Toronto

The Umbrella Academy starts off with the birth of 43 children around the world simultaneously at noon on October 1, 1989 – even though none of the mothers showed signs of pregnancy before this moment.

The iconic scene of a young woman in a swimming pool (in Russia) suddenly giving birth next to a water aerobics class was actually filmed at the Wallace Emerson Community Centre in Toronto, with just some Russian signage added to make the location seem like Russia.

The Umbrella Academy House

Real-Life Location: 4 King Street East, Hamilton, Ontario

If you want to visit the Umbrella Academy house in real life, you totally can! Well, the outside at least. The façade of the building where Sir Reginald Hargreeves raises the seven children was filmed at Queen Street East in Hamilton.

Obviously, the incredible interiors were all created on set, and if you use Google street view there isn’t really a beautiful courtyard attached to the house. The windows with umbrella symbols in the glass were also probably added with CGI, but the building is still recognizable.

Street Near Where Vanya Lives

Real-Life Location: Queen Street East, Toronto

While we don’t ever see the exterior of Vanya’s apartment, she is seen walking down this street multiple times and also learns of her father’s death by seeing the news on a TV in an electronics store.

These scenes were all filmed on Queen Street East in Toronto, where there are some lovely brightly painted shops in real life too.

The Umbrella Academy Courtyard

Real-Life Location: Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre (specifically the Max Tanenbaum Courtyard), 227 Front Street East, Toronto

The beautiful courtyard garden at the Umbrella Academy (where the funeral is held, Ben’s memorial statue is located and Five returns in a big ball of blue light) is, as we’ve mentioned, not actually behind the Hargreeves’ home.

These scenes were filmed in the Max Tanenbaum Courtyard inside the (very pretty) Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre in Toronto.

Capitol West Bank

Real-Life Location: LIUNA Station (the Canadian National Railway Station), 360 James Street North, Hamilton, Ontario

During the flashback in episode one we get to see the Umbrella Academy kids in action thwarting a bank robbery. While the news says it’s the “Capitol West Bank,” the scenes were actually filmed at LIUNA Station in Hamilton.

Griddy’s Donuts

Real-Life Location: 1187 Queen Street West, Toronto

Five heads to Griddy’s Donuts for some coffee when he first arrives, and it then becomes a favorite location for Hazel to hang out. The shop was created in an empty building in Toronto. This spot has now had a bigger building built on the location, so there’s not much point trying to visit, unless you really want to see where it once was.

The Pier Where Diego Throws The Monocle Into the Water

Real-Life Location: Pier 35, Commissioners Street, Toronto

When Diego shadily throws Reginald’s monocle into the water off a pier, he was filmed doing this at Pier 35 in Toronto. This is an industrial area with the city in the background, so you may not be allowed to visit the specific spot.

The Auto Shop Where Cha-Cha Tortures The Tow-Truck Driver

Real-Life Location: Ossington Signature Tire (closed), 146 Ossington Avenue, Toronto

While Hazel and Cha-Cha are on the hunt for Five, they track down the tow truck driver he spoke to at Griddy’s Donuts. These disturbing torture scenes took place in what used to be a tire shop that’s now a taco restaurant, located on Ossington Avenue in Toronto.

The Top Shelf Pawn Shop

Real-Life Location: Starspark Computers, 169 King Street East, Hamilton, Ontario

Klaus pawns a box of his father’s possessions for drug money, although the real life pawn shop is actually a computer shop. You can find it at 169 King Street East in Hamilton.

The Icarus Theater

Real-Life Location: Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre, 189 Yonge Street, Toronto

During both the first and last episodes of season one we see Vanya performing violin on stage. The first time she appears to be alone but in the final episode, of course, she plays with the entire orchestra at the end and then the rest of the family try to prevent her causing the apocalypse.

Both the exterior and interior shots of the Icarus Theater where she plays were actually filmed at the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre in Toronto, a pair of stacked theatres that are actually the last surviving Edwardian stacked theatres in the world! Events are still held here, so it would be pretty magical to see something there for yourself.

The Icarus Theater Back-Door Exterior

Real-Life Location: Massey Hall, 178 Victoria Street, Toronto

While the interior of the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Center was used for the interiors of the Icarus Theater and the exterior for the entrance, when Leonard walks Vanya to rehearsal in episode four, we see what appears to be a back entrance to the theater. This entrance was filmed at Massey Hall in Toronto, with a bit of CGI added.

The Organ Hall Where Vanya Rehearses

Real-Life Location: Mazzoleni Concert Hall of The Royal Conservatory of Music, 273 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Before heading to her performance in the final episode, Vanya rehearses with the orchestra inside an organ hall (and runs late in episode 3). These scenes were filmed inside the Mazzoleni Hall, a beautiful concert hall that’s part of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. The exterior where we see people raising their umbrellas to show the title card also appears to have been filmed just outside the hall.

The Department Store Where Five Finds Dolores (Again)

Real-Life Location: Treasure Hunt, 30 Horseshoe Crescent, Waterdown, Ontario

Five heads to a department store with Gimbel Brothers on the sign to reunite with Delores, the shop mannequin he spent 30 years with in the post-apocalyptic future. While there, Cha-Cha and Hazel turn up and open fire on him.

These scenes were actually filmed at Treasure Hunt, a store located in Waterdown, a small town located in between Toronto and Hamilton.

The Bookshop Where Vanya Reads Her Book

Real-Life Location: Queen Books, 914 Queen Street East, Toronto

In episode 3 we see a flashback of five years before the main events where Vanya writes and then publishes her tell-all book about growing up with the Umbrella Academy. She does a reading at a bookshop and this was filmed at an actual bookshop: Queen Books in Toronto.

The Studio Where Vanya Has Her Photo Taken

Real-Life Location: Canary Restaurant, 439 Cherry Street, Toronto

During the flashback to Vanya’s book publication we also see her having her author portrait taken in what looks like a fancy photography studio. This scene was actually filmed inside the Canary Restaurant in Toronto.

Imperial Woodwares (Where Leonard Works)

Real-Life Location: 1698 Queen Antiques, 1700 Queen Street West, Toronto

Vanya visits Leonard at the woodworking shop he works at in “Bricktown”. The shop was brought to life at the 1698 Queen Antiques store in Toronto, with some changes made to the exterior, although the interior seems like it might be the same. The antiques store seems to have closed down permanently during the pandemic though.

Meritech Prosthetics Interior

Real-Life Location: 1 Hotel Toronto, 550 Wellington Street West, Toronto

While trying to track down the owner of the prosthetic eye that he finds in the future, Five heads to Meritech Prosthetics. The interior scenes of this company were actually filmed inside 1 Hotel Toronto, which sounds like it should be located at number one but can actually be found at 550 Wellington Street West in Toronto.

Meritech Prosthetics Exterior

Real-Life Location: Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories, 80 St. George Street, Toronto

The exterior of the Meritech Prosthetics building, however, was filmed on the grounds of the University of Toronto at the Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories. This is where we see Five, Luther and Klaus talking in the van, as well as Klaus running from a security guard after shoplifting at a shop nearby.

Queen’s Mini Mart

Real-Life Location: Queen’s Mini Mart, 1666 Queen Street West, Toronto

While it looks like Klaus shoplifts just across the road from the Meritech Prosthetics building, the scene where he bursts out of the shop spilling food was actually filmed at a Queen’s Mini Mart (they even kept the signage) at 1666 Queen Street West. The two locations are about a 20 minute drive away from each other!

Eudora Patch’s House

Real-Life Location: Holy Cross Priory, 204 High Park Avenue, Toronto

Detective Eudora Patch finds Diego laying on her balcony one morning and it’s rather interesting how a detective could afford such a gorgeous house! Anyway, the beautiful building where they filmed her house is actually a small Priory, located in Toronto.

Argyle Public Library (Where Diego and Luther Find Five Drunk with Delores)

Real-Life Location: Lillian H. Smith Library, 239 College Street, Toronto

When Diego and Luther finally track down Five, they find him drunk with Delores at the Argyle Public Library. In actuality this was filmed at the Lillian H. Smith branch of the Toronto Public Library. We only see the interior in the show but the exterior is also quite cool. We also see Allison head here to research Leonard, while Cha-Cha is reading Vanya’s book.

The Restaurant Where Vanya and Leonard Have Coffee

Real-Life Location: East Thirty-Six bar, 36 Wellington Street East, Toronto

After Leonard leaves her flowers, he and Vanya meet up for breakfast/coffee the next morning. The café where they meet was filmed at East Thirty-Six, which was actually a cocktail bar that is now closed.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars

Real-Life Location: The Loyal Order of Moose Lodge, 3753 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Etobicoke, Ontario

After Klaus returns from time-traveling to the 60s and experiencing the Vietnam War he gets Diego to drop him off at a veterans center. Inside he finds a photo with both himself and Dave but is unfortunately not believed to be a vet by the older members.

This was actually filmed at The Loyal Order of Moose Lodge, a fraternal organization in Etobicoke, just outside of Toronto.

Unnamed Motel Where Klaus and Diego Find Hazel and Cha-Cha

Real-Life Location: Fort York Motel, 1920 Dundas Street East, Mississauga, Ontario

When Diego and Klaus track down Hazel and Cha-Cha, they find them at this blue painted motel that’s actually located in real life in Mississauga, a town near Toronto. It’s in the stairwell of this blue motel that Klaus pulls Diego out of gunfire, and they then steal an ice-cream truck to continue following the two assassins.

The Meeting Place

Real-Life Location: Dyment’s Market + Bakery, 416 Fallsview Road East, Dundas, Ontario

In episode 5 Luther and Five meet up with Hazel and Cha-Cha to return the briefcase on a country road, where Five demands they contact the Handler. She pauses time right when Diego and Klaus show up in an ice-cream van.

This event was filmed on the road near Dyment’s Market, which is just outside of Hamilton in Ontario.

The Temps Commission Organization Headquarters

Real-Life Location: Richmond Hill David Dunlap Observatory, 123 Hillsview Drive, Richmond Hill, Ontario

We finally get to see where Five worked in episode 6 when he returns to the Temps Commission Organization Headquarters with the Handler. The exterior shots of the headquarters were filmed at the David Dunlap Observatory in Richmond Hill. We assume the interiors were created on a set though!

The Street Where Vanya Accidentally Bends Light Poles

Real-Life Location: 6 Victoria Street, Toronto

After Vanya returns to the academy with Leonard and then gets snubbed, they walk along a street in the rain as Vanya rants about her siblings. Her emerging powers bend the light poles and make it rain.

This scene was filmed on Victoria Street in Toronto, specifically between King Street East and Colborne Street.

Fortune Smiles Motel

Real-Life Location: Motel 400, 3510 ON-89, Cookstown, Ontario

Hazel and Cha-Cha check into another crappy motel and then both receive orders telling them to kill each other. The signs were fake but these scenes were all filmed on location at the Motel 400, outside Cookstown, a town that’s about an hour north of Toronto.

The Park Where Luther and Allison Dance

Real-Life Location: Allan Gardens, 19 Horticultural Avenue, Toronto

After a day spent reminiscing Allison and Luther are eating hot dogs in a park when they start dancing in a sort of alternate dream sequence while surrounded by twinkling lights in the trees.

This was filmed in the Allan Gardens, beautiful botanic gardens in Toronto, complete with a gorgeous glass conservatory. This is one filming spot that’s well worth a visit!

The Barber Shop Where Klaus Sees His Father

Real-Life Location: The Nite Owl Barber Shop Brockton, 1695 Dundas Street West, Toronto

When Klaus is knocked out he finally sees an image of their dead father, inside an old-fashioned barber shop that seems to be in heaven. These indoor scenes were filmed in The Nite Owl Barber Shop Brockton, which actually is a charming traditional barbershop in Toronto.

The Irish Pub Where Five, Diego and Klaus Find Luther

Real-Life Location: Corktown Pub, 175 Young Street Unit 1, Hamilton, Ontario

After learning that his moon mission was pointless, getting drunk and hooking up at a rave, Luther then heads to an Irish pub to drown his sorrows. Five, Diego and Klaus track him down to help go after Allison. In a rare filming moment, this scene was actually filmed in a real Irish pub, the Corktown Pub in Hamilton. The scenes in Dallas in season two when Five and Luther meet up with the old Five were also filmed inside this pub.

The Rain Quail Bed & Breakfast

Real-Life Location: 308385 Hockley Road, Orangeville, Ontario

When Hazel and Agnes run away together they stay at the charmingly named The Rain Quail Bed & Breakfast. These scenes were filmed at 308385 Hockley Road in Orangeville – which is also the motel in Schitt’s Creek! It doesn’t look like much on street view when it’s not all dolled up, but it’s still recognizable.

The Umbrella Factory in 1928

Real-Life Location: The Cotton Factory, 270 Sherman Avenue North, Hamilton, Ontario

In the flashback scene of Reginald coming to America in the 1920s, we see him buying an umbrella factory. This was filmed (with the help of CGI) at The Cotton Factory in Hamilton. What used to, obviously, be an actual cotton factory once upon a time, is now a small manufacturing and office space for creative professionals.

The Street Where Vanya Flips a Car

Real-Life Location: Pearl Street (between Duncan and Simcoe Streets), Toronto

When Vanya has discovered her powers, and is on the warpath, she heads to her performance when someone in a car rudely honks at her and she flips it. This was filmed on Pearl Street in Toronto, between Duncan and Simcoe Streets.

Super Star Lanes Bowling (interior)

Real-Life Location: Playtime Bowl & Entertainment, 33 Samor Road, North York, Ontario

When the siblings regroup in episode 10 (after Vanya destroys the Umbrella Academy) they head to a bowling alley, where they’re later ambushed by gunmen from the commission. These scenes were filmed in an actual bowling alley, Playtime Bowl & Entertainment located in North York, which is north of Toronto.

Where Hazel Crashes the Car

Real-Life Location: Temperance Street (between Sheppard & Bay), 57 Temperance Street, Toronto

When Hazel decides to help the Umbrella Academy he deliberately crashes the car so that Cha-Cha goes flying. This scene was filmed on Temperance Street in Toronto and if you time it just right, you can even see the Toronto Old City Hall in the background.

Umbrella Academy Filming Locations in Season Two

In season two the team manage to travel back in time and land in Dallas, Texas during the 1960s. However, the only filming actually done in Dallas was aerial footage of Dealey Plaza’s Grassy Knoll. The rest of the season was once again filmed in Ontario, mostly around Toronto and Hamilton.

Main Street of Dallas in the 1960s

Real-Life Location: Ottawa Street North and Britannia Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario

Since not much of Dallas still looks like it would have in the 60s, the show-makers instead used a couple of sleepy streets in the town of Hamilton. Exterior shops were dressed to look right and the Dallas skyline was added with CGI. Many of the general ‘main street’ scenes were filmed on Ottawa Street North around where it’s intersected by Britannia Avenue.

The Arrival Alley

Real-Life Location: 204 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton, Ontario

When the siblings arrive in Dallas they are all deposited into a little alley (at different dates between 1960 and 1963), where you can see a big Avon cinema billboard just behind them on the main street. This was filmed in the alley at 204 Ottawa Street North in Hamilton – if you rotate the camera you can see the Avon sign in real life!

Odessa’s Beauty Parlor

Real-Life Location: Radiant Beauty Supplies, 223 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton, Ontario

The exterior of the ladies’ beauty parlor where Allison works, as well as where she and her husband plan rallies for the civil rights movement, was filmed at 223 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton. This was once a shop for beauty supplies but is currently available for lease. However, if you switch Google street view to August 2019 (when they were filming) you can see the street done up with exteriors for the show!

Morty’s Television and Radio Exterior

Real-Life Location: CGI of the building next to Radiant Beauty Supplies

The building where Five meets Elliot was once a television store, in the television series. In actuality it’s next door to the building that represents the ladies beauty parlor, although it’s been added to with CGI and the interior was actually created on set.

Jay’s Elbow Room Exterior

Real-Life Location: Dyment’s Market + Bakery, 416 Fallsview Road East, Dundas, Ontario

When Klaus and Ben return to Dallas and get stranded when the car overheats, this occurs on the same stretch of road we saw in season one when Five and Diego met up with Hazel and Cha-Cha. The building that was in the background of that scene is now also repurposed into the exterior of “Jay’s Elbow Room”, the pub where Klaus plays poker and then steals a pickup truck.

The Rooming House For Solitary Men Exterior and Jay’s Elbow Room Interior

Real-Life Location: Vienna Tavern, 152 Grenfell Street, Hamilton, Ontario

The interior shots of Jay’s Elbow Room were filmed inside the Vienna Tavern in Hamilton, which also doubled as the exterior of the rooming house where Luther lives during his time in the 60s.

Real-Life Location: Germania Club of Hamilton, 863 King Street East, Hamilton, (interior) and 174 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton (exterior)

While trapped in the 60s Luther works for Jack Ruby, who owns a burlesque bar. Five tracks him down at the bar, which was filmed inside the Germania Club in Hamilton. The exterior shots (where Vanya comes to pick up a drunk Carl) were actually filmed at 174 Ottawa Street North (also in Hamilton), with a little CGI added.

Allison and Raymond’s House

Real-Life Location: 75 Graham Avenue South, Hamilton, Ontario

We learn that Allison married a man called Raymond Chestnut and they live together in Dallas. The house that was used for exterior shots of their home is located at 75 Graham Avenue South in Hamilton.

Klaus’s Estate

Real-Life Location: Parkwood Estate, 270 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa, Ontario

We see Klaus a few times enjoying the magnificent estate that he acquired from being the leader of a cult. Theses scenes were filmed at the incredible Parkwood Estate, which is actually very popular for film sets, having also appeared as Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters in the first X-Men film, among many others.

The D.S. Umbrella Manufacturing Company

Real-Life Location: Finley W. McLachlan Properties Inc., 195 Fairbank Avenue, York, Ontario

Five and Diego go to investigate their father’s business address and find (among other things) a young Pogo. The exterior of the building they visited was filmed in the town of York, north of Toronto, with some period-appropriate cars to make it seem like the 60s.

Stadtler’s Restaurant

Real-Life Location: Matt’s Burger Lab, 201 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton, Ontario

Stadtler’s plays a large role in season two. It’s the location of the sit-in, where Klaus meets his benefactor, and Allison is turned away when she first arrives due to racial segregation. This is also where Dave punches Klaus at the urging of his uncle. The restaurant was done up during filming to look like a 60s style diner, but today you can find a regular burger joint.

W. Arnold Pet Store

Real-Life Location: 731 Barton Street East, Hamilton, Ontario

The Handler makes a boy pee himself and leaves a key for Lila inside an old-fashioned pet store. There isn’t a pet store there in real life, but you can clearly recognize the buildings she walks past before checking her makeup.

The Diner Where Five and Vanya Have Coffee

Real-Life Location: Kris’s Place (formerly Breezy Corners), 1145 Main St East, Hamilton, Ontario

After Five finds Vanya in a cornfield, they go and have coffee while he explains where they came from. The café where they discuss all this was filmed inside a former Breezy Corners in Hamilton. Now it’s called Kris’s Place but if you look at their Facebook page you can still see the distinctive blue and orange striped walls inside.

The Glen Oaks Hardware Store

Real-Life Location: 765 Barton Street East, Hamilton, Ontario

Klaus finds Dave working at a hardware store before he enlists to fight in Vietnam. This is another building in Hamilton that was dressed during filming and isn’t the same kind of establishment in real life, but you can still visit it if you want.

The House Where the Swedes Are Staying (Exterior)

Real-Life Location: 10 Keith Street, Hamilton, Ontario

While the Swedish assassins are hanging out in 1963, they kill a lady and take over her home, but do look after all her cats. The building they used for exterior shots of this house is located at 10 Keith Street in Hamilton.

The Mexican Embassy

Real-Life Location: McLean House, 135 Armistice Drive, North York, Ontario

While trying to find their father, Diego and Five sneak in to an event at the embassy with Lila. Both exterior and interior scenes were filmed on the property, which is often used as a wedding venue. You can also watch a walkthrough video of McLean House here.

Retiree’s Association Bingo Blitz

Real-Life Location: Her Majesty’s Army and Navy Veterans’ Society, 96 MacNab Street North, Hamilton, Ontario

Lila and The Handler play Bingo in episode 6 inside a building that’s actually a meeting hall for Her Majesty’s Army and Navy Veterans’ Society. In real life the hall can be hired for events too.

Southland Life

Real-Life Location: Hamilton City Hall, 71 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario

When the Hargreeves siblings finally have supper with their 1963 version father, they meet him in a fictional building called Southland Life. The interior of the building’s entrance hall with the impressive mural (by George Franklin Arbuckle) was filmed in the Hamilton City Hall, so you can go and see it for yourself if you want. There isn’t really a cool tiki lounge on the top floor though, that was built on set.

The Footbridge Near Kennedy’s Motorcade

Real-Life Location: Emerald Street Footbridge, Corner of Birge Street and Emerald Street North, Hamilton, Ontario

Five, old Five and Luther head off to where old Five is supposed to shoot Kennedy, by walking across a foot bridge. This isn’t actually in Dallas though, of course, but once again in Hamilton. The Emerald Street Footbridge is actually an unusual and rare example of a continuous truss footbridge, even if it doesn’t look that exciting at first glance.

Umbrella Academy Filming Locations in Season Three

In season three the gang manage to make it back home to their own time, only to discover it’s actually a different timeline in which their father adopted seven other siblings and created the Sparrow Academy instead of the Umbrella Academy. And Ben is alive in this reality. The setting is the same city as season one, with some slight changes to the Umbrella Academy building and it was also filmed mainly in Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario.

The Sparrow Academy House

Real-Life Location: 4 King Street East, Hamilton, Ontario and The Gardiner Museum, 100 Queens Park, Toronto

The house where the Umbrella Academy kids grew up is now the base of the Sparrow Academy, and they’ve made some renovations! The main building was once again filmed at 4 King Street East in Hamilton, but with the use of CGI a much more modern structure has also been placed on top of this building which is where the Sparrows work out.

The new exterior is actually the exterior of the Gardiner Museum in Toronto, which displays exhibitions on ceramics. The interior gym scene of all the Sparrows on treadmills together was also filmed within the museum building.

The Club Where Christopher and Ben Are Partying

Real-Life Location: Seventy Seven, 77 King William Street, Hamilton, Ontario

At the beginning of episode one, season three, audiences are introduced to the Sparrows in a series of quick shots. We see this version of Ben and the cube known as Christopher living it up as celebrities in a nightclub, surrounded by adoring women, cigars and alcohol.

This short scene was shot in an actual nightclub, called Seventy Seven in Hamilton, Ontario. Only the club interior is shown on screen, but as we found this out via Netflix In Your Neighbourhood, we can assume the info is legit.

Shorty’s Pizza

Real-Life Location: 1099 Cannon Street East, Hamilton, Ontario

While Christopher and Ben are partying, Jayme and Alphonso are beating up some bad guys and picking up a pizza at Shorty’s Pizza. This is actually the real name of the real-life pizzeria where this scene was filmed, so you can try their pepperoni for yourself if you want!

The Park Where the Umbrellas Re-Group

Real-Life Location: Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Road West, Burlington, Ontario

After an awesome dance-off scene, and getting their asses handed to them, the Umbrellas regroup in a park next to a pond while discussing what to do next. This scene was filmed at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, which is just outside of Hamilton.

The scene was specifically filmed next to the pond which is in turn next to the Turner Pavilion Teahouse. You can’t really see the pond in the map view below, but it’s to the left of the building as you’re facing it.

The Hotel Obsidian

Real-Life Location: Residences of Royal Connaught, 118 King Street East, Hamilton, Ontario

The Hotel Obsidian (and its mirror, the Hotel Oblivion) is a key location in season three. While the interiors were created on set (for both hotels) the exterior shots of the Hotel Obsidian were filmed at a building in Hamilton which is called the Residences of Royal Connaught.

Originally the Royal Connaught Hotel, the building was converted into separate residences (hence the name). A bit of CGI magic was used on the roof of the building, and, of course, a lot of CGI was added when there was only that tiny bit of city left at the end of the world! But you can see the hotel exterior in real life if you want.

The Diner Where Vanya Meets Marcus

Real-Life Location: The Lakeview Restaurant, 1132 Dundas Street West, Toronto

In episode one, Vanya meets up with Marcus at a diner to make a deal to get the briefcase. Later in episode two, Allison accompanies Viktor for the handover, although Marcus never shows and Allison ends up running outside then down a nearby alley.

Both scenes inside the diner were filmed in the Lakeview Restaurant, a historic 24-hour diner in Toronto that is apparently often used for films and television since it has such a classic diner aesthetic. You can also come here for a meal to experience it yourself.

The Park Where Luther is Abducted

Real-Life Location: Gage Park, 1000 Main Streer East, Hamilton, Ontario

In episode two, Luther heads out for a run through a park, before realising he’s surrounded by crows and getting kidnapped by the Sparrows. The park where this happens is Gage Park in Hamilton, you can clearly see Luther run past the fountain. This park is a lovely spot to explore in real life, home to a greenhouse, rose gardens and the Hamilton Children’s Museum.

Where Viktor and Allison Meet with Ben and Fei

Real-Life Location: Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre (specifically the Max Tanenbaum Courtyard), 227 Front Street East, Toronto

In episode three, Viktor and Allison meet up with Ben and Fei to discuss handing over Marcus in exchange for the briefcase. This little meeting was filmed in the same courtyard that was used in season one as part of the Umbrella Academy, just from a slightly different angle.

The Beach in the Void Where Klaus Meets His Mother

Real-Life Location: The beach next to Bluffer’s Park Lookout, Toronto

While finally learning the full extent of his powers, Klaus meets his mother in the afterlife/void and has soup with her on a beach with some impressive cliffs in the background. This scene was filmed on the beach next to Bluffer’s Park Lookout, on the coast east of Toronto, with views of the Scarborough Bluffs.

Where Viktor and Harlan Give Harlan’s Power Back to Viktor

Real-Life Location: 5 Drive-In, 2332 Ninth Line, Oakville, Ontario

In episode six, Viktor tries to take his leftover powers from a now much older Harlan, with Harlan’s help. They do this in an empty drive-in theatre, and the scenes were filmed at a real-life drive-in located in Oakville.

The Wedding at the End of the World

Real-Life Location: The Governor’s Room at the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex, Exhibition Place, 25 British Columbia Road, Toronto

When (spoilers!) Luther and Sloane get married at the Hotel Obsidian, the main ballroom scene where the wedding takes place was filmed inside the Governor’s Room in Toronto’s Liberty Grant Entertainment Complex. In real life, this ballroom is often used for weddings and other fancy events, so it was an ideal filming location.

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