Where was Hawkeye Filmed? A Full List of Hawkeye Filming Locations!

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Fans of Marvel, Christmas and New York City were in for a treat when the Hawkeye television series debuted, because it featured all three!

Set after the events of Avengers: Endgame, Clint Barton finally got his own Marvel feature in the series, and as a bonus it was set once again in New York – the site of the epic final battle in the original Avengers film.

The Christmas decorations and snow on the streets of New York made a real treat for viewers of Hawkeye, although many scenes were actually filmed elsewhere, including one very significant episode in a famous New York spot!

If you have ever wondered ‘where was Hawkeye filmed?’ then you have definitely come to the right place. We love tracking down and confirming filming locations, so we’ve put together this guide to Hawkeye filming locations in case you wanted to know exactly where so many pivotal scenes took place.

You may need to head to Georgia for some of them though…

Hawkeye Filming Locations in New York City

Since season one of Hawkeye takes place almost entirely in New York City, it stands to reason many pivotal scenes were filmed on location in the famous city. Here are all the Hawkeye locations that were actually used for filming in New York.

Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (AKA Where Clint Sees Rogers the Musical With His Kids)

Address: 205 West 46th Street, New York, New York, USA

At the very beginning we get to enjoy Clint being baffled by Rogers the Musical at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, which is located just around the corner from Times Square. Exterior shots of Clint leaving the theatre and then being joined by his children were filmed here on location, although the interior shots were actually filmed elsewhere (more on that later).

Grand Central Terminal

Address: Grand Central Terminal, 87 East 42nd Street, New York, New York, USA

When Kate returns to New York she talks to her mom on the phone as she walks out of Grand Central Terminal. She walks under the Park Avenue Viaduct and then goes down the Pershing Square road on the opposite side to where we see Clint later on.

480 Park Avenue (AKA The Bishop Penthouse)

Address: 480 Park Avenue, New York, New York, USA

Kate arrives at the Bishop Penthouse, which was also used for filming flashback scenes from when she first saw Clint during the Battle of New York. Kate was filmed walking up to the building and then speaking to the doorman as she entered the foyer, although we assume the actual apartment interior was created on set.

The exterior and entrance scenes were filmed at 480 Park Avenue, which is actually a business center, but still a gorgeous building designed by Emery Roth in 1929.

 Lotte New York Palace Hotel (AKA Where Kate First Sees the Dog and Her Mother Tries To Call Her)

Address: 457 Madison Avenue, New York, New York, USA

After returning to New York, Kate’s mother convinces her to attend a party, where she finds out her mother is engaged, among other things. Exterior shots of Kate going outside (and first talking to the one-eyed dog) and then her mother trying to call her after the explosion were filmed at the Lotte New York Palace Hotel on Madison Avenue. The interior scenes were actually filmed in Atlanta (see the next section).

For fans of Gossip Girl, this was also the Bass Hotel where Chuck Bass lived!

Times Square

Address: Times Square, Manhattan, New York, USA

Clint and Kate walk through Times Square when Clint is walking her to her mother’s office. Specifically, they walk where West 46th Street intersects with 7th Avenue. This is where Kate mistakenly thinks Katniss Everdeen is supposed to be Hawkeye.

You can see the Express clothing store on the corner behind them, as well as the Disney store and the small red coffee stand that’s opposite the George M. Cohan statue in Duffy Square.

East 53rd Street & Park Avenue (AKA Where Clint and Kate Talk About Branding)

Address: Park Avenue & East 53rd Street, New York, New York, USA

After walking through Times Square, they walk down Park Avenue while Kate tries to tell Clint he has a branding issue. She goes into her mom’s work at the building on the corner of East 53rd and Park Avenue with the pillars under it.

Hoyt-Schermerhorn Station (AKA Chambers Street Station)

Address: Hoyt-Schermerhorn, Brooklyn, New York, USA

When Kate, Clint and Lucky (AKA Pizza Dog) get on the subway when escaping the Tracksuit Mafia after they track her to her apartment – it’s supposed to be Chambers Street Station in Tribeca but was actually filmed in Brooklyn! We couldn’t get a street view shot of it so enjoy this video of all the times Lucky appeared on screen instead.

Washington Square Park (AKA Where They Walk Lucky)

Address: Washington Square Park, 1 Washington Square North, New York, New York, USA

Of course he’s not named Lucky until the end of the season but we’ll go with that since it’s a much nicer name than “pizza dog”. As Clint and Kate talk about the Tracksuit Mafia they walk down the path towards Washington Square West, with the Washington Square Fountain behind them, but it’s turned off in winter so you can’t see any water. At one point you can also see the Washington Square Arch just over Clint’s shoulder.

11 Eldridge Street (AKA Where Kate and Clint Wait For A Shopkeeper to Fix His Hearing Aid)

Address: 11 Eldridge Street, New York, New York, USA

After Clint’s hearing aid is smashed during their escape from the Tracksuit Mafia, Kate, Clint and Lucky sit on the stoop of a shop in Eldridge Street to wait for someone who can fix it. They’re sitting in front of the door next to the Ling and Ling Trading shop, but a different sign was hung over that for filming.

170 Avenue C (AKA Maya’s Apartment at 3715 Godfrey Road)

Address: 170 Loisaida Avenue, New York, New York, USA

The huge apartment block at 170 Avenue C stands in for 3715 Godfrey’s Road, where Kate helps an old man with his groceries to get into the building and finds the watch Clint is tracking – and is then attacked by Maya because it’s her apartment.

The scenes on the roof of one of the buildings across the road were also filmed here, where they are first keeping watch and Clint is then attacked by Yelena.

235 East 4th Street (AKA Kate’s Aunt’s Apartment Exterior)

Address: 235 East 4th Street, New York, New York, USA

When the Tracksuit Mafia torch her apartment, Kate, Clint and Lucky head to Kate’s aunt’s apartment to lay low. The exterior of the building where it is located were filmed at 235 East 4th Street, but once again we’re pretty sure the interior of the apartment was created on a set.

The Peninsula New York (AKA Where Clint and His Kids Are Staying in New York)

Address: 700 5th Avenue, New York, New York, USA

Clint puts his kids in a car to the airport when he stays in New York to deal with the Ronin stuff. The scenes of him talking to them outside the hotel were filmed outside the Peninsula New York – lucky them to get to stay there!

Parking Lot at 220 East 4th Street (AKA Where Ivan And Tomas Get An Arrow With A Message For Maya)

Address: 220 East 4th Street, New York, New York, USA

The funny scene where Ivan and Tomas are driving their truck, get an arrow with a message for Maya and Tomas says “But we are not Maya” were filmed on East 4th Street. The truck drives into the parking lot at 220 East 4th Street and Clint must have shot from the building facing the gate on the other side.

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East 42nd Street & Park Avenue (AKA Pershing Square and The Battle of New York Memorial)

Address: Park Avenue & East 42nd Street, New York, New York, USA

Just on the other side of the viaduct Kate walks under when she returns to New York is the Memorial Plaque for the Battle of New York. Clint goes here and talks to Nat while looking at the memorial in episode 5.

6th Avenue Between 48th & 49th (AKA Where the Trust A Bro Vans Head Towards Rockefeller Center)

Address: Corner of 6th Avenue/West 48th Street, 6th Avenue, New York, New York, USA

When Kingpin goes after Eleanor “in a big way” we see dozens of Trust A Bro vans driving down a street at night on their way to Rockefeller Center. These shots were actually filmed just around the corner from Rockefeller Center, so yay for realism!

30 Rockefeller Plaza (AKA Where Kate and Clint Attend Eleanor’s Party and Fight the Tracksuit Mafia)

Address: 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, New York, USA

The big party where Kingpin sends his people after Eleanor, Kazi tries to kill Clint and Kate fights with Yelena (who also wants to kill Clint) were all set at Rockefeller Center, particularly the entrance overlooking Rockefeller Plaza. While some exterior shots were filmed here, the iconic fight scene on the ice-rink and Kate bringing the Christmas tree down (with Clint in it) were filmed at a purpose-built set in Georgia!

215 East 4th Street (AKA Grills’ Apartment Entrance)

Address: 215 East 4th Street, New York, New York, USA

When Clint learns a Black Widow Assassin is after him he tries to break ties with Kate and goes to stay with Grills, the firefighter he met at the NYC LARP event. The entrance to Grills’ apartment was filmed at 215 East 4th Street: the black door in the brick building.

Hawkeye Filming Locations in Georgia

In 2008, the governor of Georgia signed a generous tax incentive for film productions. Since then, many popular films and television series’ have been made in Georgia, especially Marvel, who basically migrated south to Pinewood Studios (now called Trilith Studios) and the Tyler Perry Studios.

Hawkeye is no exception, with multiple scenes filmed in and around Atlanta to stand in for New York, as well as other locations and sets in Georgia. Here are all the Georgia Hawkeye filming locations that we were able to confirm.

Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta

Address: 315 Deshler Street Southwest, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

A lot of Hawkeye filming in Atlanta was done at the Tyler Perry Studios, particularly where they recreated Rockefeller Plaza. Located on a former army base, the studio has 330 acres of space, with 12 soundstages and multiple permanent sets. Hawkeye was the first Marvel project to be filmed at Tyler Perry Studios.

Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta (AKA Where Kate’s Father’s Funeral Is Held)

Address: 248 Oakland Avenue Southeast, Atlanta, Georgia

When a young Kate attends her father’s funeral after the Battle of New York, we can assume it was set in a New York cemetery. The scene was actually filmed in the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta though, specifically by the Austell, Thornton, Kennedy Mausoleum. The only street view photos of it are quite poor quality, but you can easily recognize the mausoleum in the background of the scene.

The Fox Theatre in Atlanta (AKA Lunt-Fontanne Theatre Interior Where Clint Watches Rogers The Musical With His Kids)

Address: 660 Peachtree Street Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

We already mentioned that when Clint is watching Rogers the Musical with his children in New York (and turns his hearing aid off!) this is taking place at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. The exterior shots were filmed on location but the interior scenes were filmed in Atlanta at the Fox Theatre. This is also where the man (inappropriately) asks Clint for an autograph at the urinals.

Rhodes Memorial Hall Interior in Atlanta (AKA Armand III’s House)

Address: 1516 Peachtree Street Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

After seeing him threatening her mother, Kate breaks into Armand III’s house and finds Armand dead. The interior shots of his opulent home were filmed at the Rhodes Memorial Hall in Atlanta. You can see the fireplace and other details in this virtual tour below.

Broad Street Northwest & Poplar Street Northwest in Atlanta (AKA Street Near Armand’s Apartment Where the Tracksuit Mafia Attack Kate)

Address: Poplar Street Northwest & Broad Street Northwest, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

After finding Armand’s body and heading home very shaken, Kate is attacked by the Tracksuit Mafia while she’s wearing the Ronin suit. The street where they fight and she hides inside a car were filmed where Poplar Street Northwest and Broad Street Northwest connect in Atlanta. Atlanta is often used to stand in for New York as the shop and street signs can be changed to easily make it feel more ‘New York’.

87 Broad Street Southwest in Atlanta (AKA Kate’s Apartment in New York)

Address: 87 Broad Street Southwest, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Many shots of the streets in the center of Atlanta were dressed and used for filming New York scenes in Hawkeye. Exterior shots of the apartment and deli below Kate’s apartment where the Tracksuit Mafia attack with Molotov cocktails were filmed at 87 Broad Street Southwest. The buildings were dressed differently but you can still recognize the sign over the deli (which says ‘Run Devil Run’ in real life) and the two buildings behind the Tracksuit Mafia on the other side of the road.

1033 Ridge Avenue Southwest in Atlanta (AKA Fat Man Used Cars)

Address: 1033 Ridge Avenue Southwest & Pulliam Street Southwest, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Fat Man Used Cars appeared in a number of episodes, as it was the location where Ronin killed Maya’s father in a flashback, where Kazi finds Clint in his truck, and also where Clint fights Maya as Ronin and reveals to her that Kingpin was behind her father’s murder.

All of these scenes were filmed on a big empty lot in Atlanta, which was dressed to look like a used car business.

Pink Palace in Atlanta (AKA Ana’s Mansion)

Address: 541 West Paces Ferry Road Northwest, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The Pink Palace in Atlanta was used for the scenes where Yelena and another widow try to ‘rescue’ a third widow, then Yelena is snapped and comes back after the blip.

There’s a better view of the property from West Paces Ferry Road Northwest but the part seen in Hawkeye can be seen from Tuxedo Road Northwest. We also looked at interior shots online and can confirm at least some of the interior scenes were also filmed in the Pink Palace.

Peachtree Street (between M.L.K. & Alabama) in Atlanta (AKA Where Clint Gets Deliberately Kidnapped by the Tracksuit Mafia)

Address: 74 Peachtree Street Northwest, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Another nondescript street in Atlanta was made over to look like New York for the scene where Clint gets kidnapped by the Tracksuit Mafia. He stands in front of the J&C Food Mart, which has been dressed to look different, but you can also see the signs for New York Fashions and Metro Mall behind the tracksuit guys as they get out of the van.

This street is also where Kate fires an arrow as Clint drives backwards during the later chase scene!

173 Peachtree Street Southwest Parking in Atlanta (AKA K.B Toys Exterior)

Address: 149 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

When Kate and Clint escape from the Tracksuit Mafia they run out of the old warehouse into this parking lot, where they then steal a car – but not the ’72 Challenger! The interior scenes were filmed elsewhere (we’ll get to that) but this is where the exterior shots were created.

M.L.K. Jr Drive Southwest & Peachtree Street Southwest in Atlanta (AKA The Intersection Where Clint Turns and Drives Backwards So Kate Can Shoot)

Address: Peachtree St & Martin Luther King Jr Drive, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

During the car chase after Kate and Clint escape the Tracksuit Mafia’s warehouse, quite a few of the main streets in Atlanta are used.

When Clint spins the car around this is done on the intersection where Martin Luther King Jr Drive Southwest connects with Peachtree Street Southwest – if you pause some of the shots you can identify the buildings in the map below.

This intersection is also where Kate later shoots an acid arrow at the traffic lights, but from a different angle!

Park Place Parking in Atlanta (AKA Rosie’s Christmas Trees)

Address: 85 Peachtree Street Southwest, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Another funny moment during the car chase scene occurs when Clint drives through a Christmas tree lot and Kate shoots an arrow at the Tracksuit Mafia guys following, which shoots out lines that pull heaps of the trees into them. Then Clint drives over an inflatable Santa as they’re leaving. Park Place Parking in Atlanta was filled up with Christmas trees for these scenes.

Piedmont Park in Atlanta (AKA Where Kate Asks the LARPers For Help)

Address: Piedmont Park, 1071 Piedmont Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Kate seeks out the LARPers Clint met for help retrieving all the arrows they shot during the chase. The scene where she finds them training is supposed to be located in Central Park but was actually filmed in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park – specifically at the stairs near the Sidney Lanier Monument.

The Ponce Condos in Atlanta (AKA Where Yelena Follows Kate’s Mother)

Address: 75 Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Yelena follows Kate’s mother Eleanor to a meeting with Kingpin in New York. The exterior shots of Eleanor approaching and then entering the building were filmed outside the beautiful Ponce Condos in Atlanta.

Equitable Place Northeast in Atlanta (AKA The Alley Where Maya Confronts Fisk)

Address: Equitable Place Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

At the end of the season, Kate fights Kingpin but he ultimately gets away, only to be confronted in an alleyway by Maya. While we don’t know whether or not he survived the gunshot (and rumors are that he did, so he can appear in the future), we do know where this scene was filmed.

The parts with Fisk, at least, were filmed in Equitable Place in Atlanta, at the end of the alley where it meets Edgewood Avenue Southeast.

Lot beside Auburn & Jesse Hill Jr. in Atlanta (AKA Where Maya Asks Kazi Why He Wasn’t At the Meeting Where Her Father Was Killed)

Address: 239 Auburn Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

After Maya fights Ronin, and finds out he’s Clint Barton and also that Fisk was behind her father’s murder, she meets up with Kazi on an empty lot. Here she asks Kazi why he wasn’t actually at the meeting where her father died, as she is starting to believe Clint’s revelation.

This was filmed in a parking lot in Atlanta, but obviously at night when there weren’t any cars around.

The St. Regis Atlanta (AKA the Palace Hotel Interior)

Address: Eighty-Eight, West Paces Ferry Road Northwest, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

We’ve already mentioned that Kate finds out her mother is engaged and overhears Armand threatening her inside the Palace Hotel in New York. Multiple sites and individuals have reported that the interior scenes at this party were filmed inside the St. Regis Hotel in Atlanta, and photos of the Astor Ballroom do match those from the show when you look at the details of the curtains and chandeliers.

Some of the other hallway details also match, although we can’t get any good street view images to show of the hotel interior.

Majestic Diner in Atlanta (AKA Cranky Pete’s Deli in New York)

Address: 1031 Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Kate, Clint and Lucky head to a diner for something to eat, while Kate tells Clint about her costume ideas and he says he’s not a role model. These conversations take place in Cranky Pete’s Deli in New York, but were filmed inside the Majestic Diner in Atlanta.

You can see from this interior photo the same black booth seats and red stools at the counter.

Agnes Scott College in Decatur (AKA Where Kate Shoots the Bell Tower)

Address: 141 East College Avenue, Decatur, Georgia, USA

Before Kate heads home to New York she takes up a dare at the college she’s attending, to shoot an arrow at a bell in a tower. These scenes were filmed at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, which is northeast from Atlanta. Kate climbs to the roof of Buttrick Hall to shoot the bell on Stane Tower, although the bell tower was actually created with CGI.

Stone Mountain Grist Mill (Stone Mountain Park) in Tucker (AKA Where Clint LARPs in Central Park)

Address: RV57+3Q Tucker, Georgia, USA

Clint tracks down a firefighter called Grills at a LARP event in New York City while trying to recover the Ronin suit. While the Live Action Roleplay fighting scenes were meant to take place in Central Park, they were filmed in part of Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park – specifically by the Stone Mountain Grist Mill.

Stone Mountain park is about a 25-minute drive northeast from Atlanta.

Trilith Studios in Fayetteville

Address: 461 Sandy Creek Road, Fayetteville, Georgia, USA

Trilith Studios is another location where many on-set parts of Hawkeye were filmed. Previously called Pinewood Studios, many Marvel productions have been filmed here, including Ant-Man, Black Panther, WandaVision, Loki and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Trilith Studios is spread over 700 acres, with a 400 acre backlot and 24 soundstages. It’s the largest production facility in Georgia, located in Fayetteville, south of Atlanta. Hawkeye was the first TV show filmed after the name was changed to Trilith Studios.

The Jones Building in Canton (AKA K.B Toys Where Clint and Kate Are Held Hostage By the Tracksuit Mafia)

Address: 130 East Main Street, Canton, Georgia, USA

When Kate and Clint are held hostage by the Tracksuit Mafia (and hilariously tied to some antique children’s horse rides) the interior scenes of an old toy warehouse were filmed in The Jones Building in Canton.

You can only see the exterior on Google maps, but this page shows photos of the spacious interior, which is clearly recognizable as where the scenes took place, even without the set dressings.

Christopher Farms and Fertilizer in Sharpsburg (AKA The Barton Farm)

Address: 694 Christopher Road, Sharpsburg, Georgia, USA

Clint finally makes it home for Christmas with Kate and Lucky in tow in the final episode of Hawkeye. Christopher Farms and Fertilizer in Sharpsburg was used for filming the exterior shots of them driving into and arriving at the farm.

This property is also the same farm used for filming in Endgame, when Clint’s family were snapped by Thanos. You can’t see it up close but if you zoom in from the road, you can recognize it.

Hawkeye Filming Locations in Toronto, Canada

Multiple sites reported that reshoots for Hawkeye were done in Toronto, while Jeremy Renner was also filming for Mayor of Kingstown. There aren’t many locations we’ve been able to confirm, but here are the ones we can definitely see were filmed in Toronto.

Birkbeck Building (AKA the NYC Gym Where Clint Stashes The Ronin Suit)

Address: 10 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

When Clint finally retrieves the Ronin suit he stashes it inside a gym locker (supposedly) at a New York City gym. These shots were filmed inside Toronto’s Birkbeck Building. The marble pillars in the Gallery (scroll down in this article to find it) are clearly visible with lockers placed in between to make it look like the entrance to a gym.

8 Adelaide Street East (AKA Where Clint Calls Laura After Leaving the Bishop Penthouse)

Address: 8 Adelaide Street East (between Yonge & Victoria), Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Clint calls his wife Laura on the phone after leaving the Bishop Penthouse, and asks her to look into the Sloan Company. This conversation was filmed on 8 Adelaide Street East in Toronto (right next to Ching Lane), you can clearly see the heart graffiti behind Clint while he’s talking!

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